Summary: The 8th message in the series on Romans. "We are ALL in need of something", question is; "what is it?"


Romans 3:1-8

* (MOVIE) We are all in need of something. And the sad thing is, most of the time “we simply cannot seem to put our finger on what it is that we need.” These musicians just seen on our screen, all seem to have the idea that “IF” they could get to the top of their field, all would be well. Yet, we have witnessed (and even been) the person who achieved great success and find himself unfulfilled. And the search goes on. What IS this insatiable drive (desire and hope) which we have inside of us?

* It is the need to believe! We need to believe in something bigger than us, to discover something that is larger than we are. And that something is a someone, and that someone’s name is Jesus. Only when we discover Jesus will we find satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment in this life. For you see, God designed us for a relationship with HIM. It was in the Garden of Eden where sin broke relationship with Him. Today SIN still stands in the way of a pure relationship with God. In the vernacular, mankind has fallen down and we cannot get up, at least not by ourselves. Now we “THINK” we can get up but...

* We have come to think that we are pretty good. In fact, most people today think that “I am basically a good person.” I am reminded of what Chuck Colson, the former hatchet man for President Nixon and now born again minister has said, “The greatest myth of our time is that people are basically good. It is not true. We are bent toward evil."

* One of the fundamental teachings of the Bible is found in Psalm 14:3 (actually this verse appears multiple times in the Bible), “There is no one who does good, not even one.” Factoring in the truth that God will not allow sin in His presence gives us reason to be concerned.

* We continue our study in Paul’s letter to the church at Rome, which is appropriately named “Romans.” Today, we begin our reading in Chapter 3. Let’s all turn there.

* Be reminded that in the first two chapters of this letter Paul has pronounced condemnation on the heathen (Ch 1), the Hebrews (ch 2), the hypocrites (ch 3 last week), and today it is on humanity. Let’s read the first 8 verses.

* We are calling this journey through Romans, “God’s Glorious Gospel” believing that the word “gospel” means “good news.” Yet, you and I must admit that we have not heard much good news since chapter 1, verses 16 and 17 where Paul writes the gospel is the Power of God for Salvation that leads us to live from faith to faith. Since verse 18 we have heard words like judgment, condemnation, and blasphemed. The question many may have is this; where is the good news of the gospel?

* Take this statement to heart; there is no good news and there will be no good news for me UNTIL I clearly understand, embrace, and accept the bad news. Every person in this building knows what it is to receive a little bad news only to overlook it and think it will go away. It is our human nature which seems to refuse to deal with a problem until the pain of staying the same hurts worse than the pain of change. As long as we can get by with a set of circumstance, we will resist change. So what is this bad news? It is sin & sin that must be faced.

* Without apology, yet without being offensive, I will submit to you that the reason the church is so weak today is that many have been ushered into membership, through baptism, simply praying a prayer, without the least bit of remorse for their sin or seeing their eternal destination as a place called hell. Rather, there was simply an external change without an internal or eternal change. The result is what Jesus, in Matthew 23, called white washed tombs or half-cleaned cups, which look good on the outside but are filthy inside. In need of cleansing.

* In our text today, Paul is attempting to make us come face to face with our sin and the consequences thereof so that we will turn to Christ. Today I offer one thought.

1) The Exposure of My Sin - To expose is to reveal, allow something to be seen, or even “make vulnerable.” Much of the time when something is exposed it causes pain. If you have ever had a cavity which exposed the nerve in your tooth, every time you ate, drank, or breathed it hurt? It you have cut your skin you exposed those nerves and experienced pain. The same is even more so true in the spiritual realm. Not long ago the Mayor of New York understood this principle in a real way. He was exposed for all the things He seemingly was against.

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