Summary: with the start of a new year (2013) we will look at Gen 1:1 (creation) to see God's authority so we can surrender to His authority.

with the beginning of new year which represent a new beginning and using Gen 1:1 we will look at man's beginning and see our need to surrender to His authority.

I. Establish who God is

A) Elohim

Was at the..

beginning of human history

John 1:1

nothing precedes Him

nothing before Him

nothing begins without Him

Gen 1:26 let US ... in OUR image


Creator of the universe / mankind

C) Authority

He is giver,sustainer, author of life

II.Establish why God created man kind

A) How

Image of God Gen.1:26 meaning we are intellectual, spiritual, moral beings

the only thing in God's creation made in His image

we are not imitators of God, but participate in His nature

B) created for relationship

Gen 2/3/5 bears that God

walks in the garden with us Gen 2

Enoch walked with God Gen 5

seeks us out when the fellowship is broken Gen 3--where are you?

so from this we see He seeks us first (Rom.5:8) and seeks restitution (Gen 3:9)

III. Establish His perfect work

A) all creation starts with God said...

ends with God saw / It was so

indicating even creation recognized His authority

B) God's work in creation--was all good

God's work in redemption--was perfect and complete--It is finished from the cross

C) what about God's work in your life?

will you be as Paul in 2 Tim 4:7- I have fought a good fight / kept the faith

1 Tim 1:12

conclusion: with the new start of 2013 will it be business as usual? or will it trully be a new beginning after recognizing His perfect / complete work and His authority?

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