Summary: Our God is the Creator




I think it is very appropriate that the first book of the Bible is titled Genesis. Genesis means “beginnings” and this book contains many origins and beginnings. The book of Genesis records for us, by Moses (yes I do believe he was the original author/compiler), the beginnings of so many different things. It contains the beginning of the Universe, the creation of Man, the beginning of sin in the world, and most importantly the beginning of God’s plan to redeem His Creation.


I realize that we are only looking at two verses, but I cannot recall any verses that are packed with more meaning and thought provoking truths. This opening section of the book describes the Creation in a way that allows us to see His majesty. God is the subject and the theme of Genesis.


God is the creator of all that exists, including time and space, the world, and all of the

inhabitants of the Universe. The world that God imagined and created was described by Him as

“good” (we will see that in later verses). Everything in this Universe testifies to the glory, power, love, and majesty of God the Creator. He is the creator of all that exists.

The Hebrew word which means “to create” occurs in the Bible only with God as the subject. This means, that while people can make things, only God can create. The meaning of “create” is that you make something brand new out of nothing. The phrase “God created” is used three times in Genesis 1: For the creation of the Heavens and the Earth (1:1), for the creation of the first living beings (1:21), and for the creation of people (1:27) (Shepherd’s Notes: Genesis, pg 8).

What does this mean? It means God is the Creator, not just the maker, of all material things, living things, and people. He deserves our praise and adoration because of this. I think realizing this will also make us feel pretty small and humble when we compare ourselves to God and His Creation.


In verse 2, the condition of the earth is described as a wasteland and empty. We find

elsewhere in Scripture that deep water and huge deserts are often described as places where human beings cannot live. This wasteland and lifeless place was where God began His work of creating. God set out to make an inhabitable, inhabited, fruitful, and long-lasting Earth.

I think we should realize that God did not create the world we live in now. Our world that we live in is marred by sin and has been for thousands of years. Imagine what the earth was like before sin ravaged it. I think the picture we get about the Garden of Eden is accurate. Food grew on its own. The weather and seasons were perfect. The earth was watered by springs, so it never rained! The earth and its inhabitants were perfect. That is the way God designs and creates… perfectly.


I cannot help but relate Genesis 1:1-2 and John 1:1-4. John relates to us that not only

were God and the Holy Spirit there at creation, but Jesus was there too. God, one in three, has always been that way. It was that way in the beginning. John 1:3 communicates much like Genesis 1, that God is the Creator of all things because without Him, the Universe would still be without form and void. Life comes from Him. The world comes from Him. And most importantly (the point that John is making), salvation comes only from God. The light of men (salvation) comes from the Creator. He is the only one it can come from.

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