Summary: Our God is a Deliverer! When the devil thinks he has won and the world thinks your done - that’s when God will deliver! Expect a miracle!


by Pastor Jim May

What a wonderful God we serve. I can truly say that serving the Lord is a wonderful privilege. To be used by God, even in the very smallest of manner according to our opinion, is a great privilege indeed. Though most of the members of the Body of Christ will never stand in the “limelight” and have the honor of teaching or preaching the Word of God, what really matters is that God has called you to do a work for Him. What an honor it is to serve the King of Kings and to be counted as a member of His royal family!

The day that you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and began your journey with Him, you became a marked man or woman.

God placed His mark upon your heart – forever identifying you as one of His own dear children. He has given his angels charge over you, to keep you and protect you. The Holy Ghost has come upon you and moved into your life to tabernacle with you. The Lord Jesus Christ dwells within your heart. What a high honor! What a glorious thought! What a wonderful knowledge, just to know that the Creator of the Universe lives with you 24-7 and He has promised never to leave you or forsake you, even to the end.

On that day that you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and began your journey with Him, you also became a marked man or woman in another way as well.

On that day, Satan marked you as well. Oh he can’t mark you as one of his own, because you belong to the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent God; but he marked you as a target for every power of hell that he bring against you. Satan’s job is to kill, steal and destroy everything that you are and he never rests and never quits in his pursuit of your eternal soul.

It doesn’t matter how long you have served the Lord, the devil will pursue you. It doesn’t matter how spiritual you may become, the devil will never stop trying to kill you. It doesn’t matter what position you may be given in God’s kingdom, or how much knowledge you have of the Word of God, or how much anointing of the Holy Ghost is in your life, the devil will never give up. We can never allow ourselves to let our guard down. The devil is a powerful adversary and he is like a prize fighter in the ring, standing there in front of you to deliver a knock-out blow the instant you let your guard down. And you aren’t in the ring with the devil for ten rounds; you’re in this fight for the rest of your life on this planet.

There can be only one victor in this fight. Just like in any prize fight, there are going to be rounds when you seem to be whipped. Satan bloodies your nose, blackens your eye, and makes you hurt from the crown of your head to the very soles of your feet. Every time you forget he’s there, a good solid punch to some part of your life, quickly brings you back to the reality of the battle for your very soul.

Sometimes it’s a rabbit punch to the kidneys and your back, or stomach begins to hurt. Sometimes he is able to connect with your face and your teeth begin to hurt, your nose feels like it’s broken, and your vision is blurred for a while. But somehow, you manage to get up and go another round. It’s as though there is a force within you that just keeps lifting you up off the mat one more time. You get a little refreshing from some cool water of the Word of God, there’s a little healing salve applied to your wounds by the anointing power of the Holy Ghost, and you get a new surge of energy as the power of God flows through you.

I’ve seen that power flow in so many ways.

Some of you, when that surge of power hits you, can’t help but lift your hands and praise the Lord! Sometimes your praise and worship goes even further because you have really felt a strong surge of power and glory, and you might even shout and dance in the Spirit for a while.

Some of you may just stand there, bowing your head, as the tears of joy begin to flow. It’s as though that power surge of the Holy Ghost in your life just opens up the fountains in your head and you can’t help but weep for joy.

Some of you might just stand there quietly, not making a sound, but the look on your face, and peace that comes over you is so overwhelming that you can’t seem to move so you just stand there and bask in the glory of God’s presence around you and in you.

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Robert Paul

commented on Sep 3, 2016

I was confused about which Herod was he. It explained me that. Wonderful. Thank you man of God!!

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