Summary: What most folks need is an alarm clock that will ring when it’s time for them to rise to the occasion. Jesus not only rose to the occasion but also rose from the grave for us all. Let’s examine it together!

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Once someone discovers Jesus Christ as their Savior they find out then the difference He and He alones mkaes in all our lives.

Everything about Him becomes special. The way He came into this world. The way He lived as a boy and of course the way He died as a man!

His death became the pivitol point for all Christians and Christianity itself. One reason being is all that was fulfilled during the last 24 hours He was on earth.

We would not dare minimize the importance of His resurrection but let’s not forget that during the last 24 hours actually fulfilled 24 of the greatest prophecies recorded in scripture. Let’s examine them together!

Main Division

1. The Betrayal Of A Close Friend (Psa 41:9-Mk 14:10)

2. The Price Of Thirty Pieces Of Silver (Zec 11:12-Mt 26:14-15

3. Accused By A False Witness (Pa 35:11-Mk 14:56-58)

4. He Speaks Not At His Own Defense (Is 53:7-Mt 27:13-14)

5. He Was Hated Without A Cause (Ps 35:19-Jn 15:25)

6. He Thirst While On The Cross (Ps 69:3-Jn 19:28)

7. His Being Pierced (Ps 22:16-Jn 20:24-28)

8. The Soldiers Gambling (Ps 22:18-Jn 19:23-24)

9. His Prayer For The Transgressors (Is 53:12-Lk 23:34)

10. The Darkening Of The Sun (Amos 8:9-Mt 27:45)

11. His Lonely Cry (Ps 22:1-Mt 27:46)

12. The Taunting Mob (Ps 22:13-Mt 27:41-42)

13. His Marred Visage (Is 52:14-Jn 19:5)

14. He Was The Slaughtered Lamb (Is 53:7-Jn 1:29)

15. His Cry Of Victory (Ps 22:31-Jn 19:30)

16. He Was Cut Off But Not For Himself (Da 9:26-Jn 11:50-51)

17. He Commended His Spirit (Ps 31:5-Lk 23:46)

18. A Bone Not Broken (Ps 34:20-Jn 19:36)

19. Oldest Prophecy Recorded (Ge 3:15-Rm 16:20)

20. He Was Crucified & Numbered With the Transgressors (Is 53:12-Mk 15:27-28)

21. He Was Spit Upon (Is 50:6-Mt 26:67a)

22. He Was Stared While On The Cross (Ps 22:17-Mt 27:36)

23. He Was Rejected BY His Own Is 53:3-Jn 1:11)

24. He Was Buried Amoungst The Rich (Is 53:9-Mt 27:57-60)

Conclusion: Jesus Has Risen, Live For Him!

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