Summary: The Word creates the universe and all that is within it and centuries later he presents Himself in human form as a helpless little baby, all to woo us.


Advent #3 Dec 11, 2011

Blackness. Deep, inky, heavy, darkness. The kind that presses in from all sides, crushing, chaotic and formless, and yet powerful. It is not eyes-shut blackness – it is eyes wide open blackness, pupils straining to dilate further, desperate for the smallest flicker of light, yet finding nothing. It lasts for an eternity, yet also a moment.

And then

God wills. Lightning cracks, time begins. And in the corner, finally, a soft light penetrates. The blackness runs back, the light draws near.

And then

Creation explodes – creativity, delight, abundance. Not one planet around one sun, but galaxy upon galaxy upon galaxy. Not one flower, but hundreds of thousands. Not one creature, but millions, many never to be seen nor understood by human eye, which is fine because they were not created for humanity but rather for God. All spoken into existence with a word, followed by a shout of joy.

And in the beginning was the Word. The Word spoke, and matter danced into being, danced with praise, danced around the Word, to His delight. Stars, gases, nebulae. To the end of eternity and back again. And they danced to the delight of the Maker. The Word spoke again, it happened again. Oceans filled with life. Strange, unexpected, harmonious; and the waves and the creatures danced. The Word spoke again. And again. And again.

And, it was good.

And then

The creator stepped down onto the dirt He had created. The Word knelt in the soil. Fingers grasped earth, wedging beneath fingernails, filling lines in the palms of the hands. And the Artist formed the dirt. Adding, pushing, stretching, pulling, molding, sculpting. With care and detail, the Word formed a new creature. He shapes feet and legs, kidneys and stomach, armpits and shoulders, a head, a brain, ears and eyes and mouth. And a nose. As the shape finishes, He bends closer, His mouth opens around the nostrils and then seals. And the Word, the Breath, breathes into those nostrils.

And then

The lighting cracks again, synapses fire for the first time ever, a heart starts to beat, blood begins to flow and the Breath of life fills every cell in every corner. Eyes bolt open, limbs convulse, energy flows, and a shout of joy escapes from the mouth. This new creation leaps to his feet, and starts to join the dance, and God now has a dancing partner.

And dance they do.

And, it was good. It was very good.

But then

This new companion turned against the light. He turned to darkness. He questioned the light, wanted to be the source, succumbed to the illusion of control and power beyond himself. He ran from the Light, hid from the light, shut his eyes against the light, believing that the darkness would somehow lead to something else—something better—something controllable. He left the partner standing on the dance floor, spurned, rejected, and hurt.

But the Light pursued. He came walking in the garden. He called. Excuses, blame, sorrow, rejection.

And promise: He will strike your head, and you will strike his heal.

And then

Years pass. Centuries. God woos, draws, blesses, loves. And humanity in turn comes, withdraws, accepts, rejects, wanders, returns. Seeks the Light, then runs to the darkness. Emerges, then runs away again. Takes a marriage vow, then mucks with adultery.

And then

When the time had fully come. The Light – the Word – the Power at the soul of all creation – the spark that set the universe first alight – He who existed before time itself – He through whom everything was created that has been created:


took off

set aside



became nothing.

A teenage girl with a pure heart. She gives her womb. And she is indwelt. She receives with humility, acceptance, submission. Then she receives scorn, rejection, blame, and shame.

And then

The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace – the one through whom God created everything – is now Himself created.

A fertilized egg, about 0.135mm in diameter, weighing about 150mg, begins the process of cell division, and the journey of life begins. The God of the universe enters Mary’s uterus, attaches, and the cells begin to divide.

Week 5 – God now the size of a pin head begins to receive oxygen and nutrition through the placenta.

Week 6 – God’s heart starts to beat, his brain divides into 5 parts.

Week 7 – God’s arms and legs start to form, as does lower jaw, vocal cords, inner ear; along with lungs and liver and pancreas and thyroid.

Week 8 – God starts to practice moving; nostrils, mouth, and teeth begin to develop.

Week 9 – God is now about 1.2 inches in length, continuing to grow.

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