Summary: In December we celebration The Incarnation, but do we live as though we are incarnated with God Himself? The Holy Spirit abides in us. This article discusses three points regarding the Spirit of God in Believers. (from author and founder of

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Since embarking on my ten-week series teaching on the Holy Spirit of God three points cry out for attention as we approach Christmas Day:

1) As believers in the atoning work of Jesus the Messiah we are reconciled to God and He is untied to us within our being. Leanne Payne referred to this abiding as "Incarnational Reality".

How often you we let life distract us from this amazing fact? The God holding the stars in place, nay, holding the molecules of everything conceivable thing fixed in perfect revolution is pleased to be united with us.

2) His sweet aroma makes us more like Him: The anointing with oil in ancient Hebrew times was poured over the recipient’s head and drenched everything on and around them. The fragrance consisted of valuable and fantastically fragrant oils which permeated the whole area with a beautiful and attractive smell.

How often do we remember the process of sanctification, (becoming more like Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit working in us,) is one that will have us bearing the sweet fragrance of the fruits of the Spirit of God? God in His rich goodness and love is symbolized in the lovely scent of these oils. We as a part of Him are anointed, “smeared” with His beautiful aroma.

3) The Holy Spirit in us is our deposit and guarantee. 2 Corinthians 5:5 God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit. We have within us the down payment for His ownership and work in us. This is a pre-paid plan and a win-win situation for every Believer.

How often we feel abandon to our own devices or the working out of sanctification by our own strength? We have a God who has promised to make us more like himself as we yield to His will and power. He has set His Spirit within us as a pledge and promise of this divine protection and good work.

As the Christmas season approaches and we celebrate the coming of God to earth in human form as baby Jesus, the Incarnation of God; we must take pause as well for our sake. The incarnation of our hearts is real and worthy or celebration as well. We must rejoice and live according to the truth --- the Spirit of God is Immanuel, “God with us”. He abides in us making us more like Him and equips us for good works. We need supernatural power to continue in goodness. He makes us less like ourselves because we are less self-centered as our center becomes indeed more home to God Himself.

©2005 Lisa DeLay, writer/speaker, founder of

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