Summary: This sermon teaches about breaking free and staying free of the power of sin, habits and generational curses.


Prisioners yearn for freedom, as do people who are enslaved by sin. They want to be free from the sins that make their lives miserable. Jesus tells of a way to have that freedom - "know the truth."

Jesus is "the truth" (John 14:6). Truth is not an abstract concept; it’s a reality. When Pilate asked, "What is truth?" (John 18:38), the Truth was standing before him. Jesus came into the world to "bear witness to the truth" (John 18:37) and He was the Truth incarnate. The truth in Jesus frees us from the consequences of sin, from self-deception, and from deception by Satan. The truth in Jesus shows us the way to eternal life with God. The truth in Jesus will indeed set us free - free from sin’s death penalty - from the corrosive effects of sin in our lives and from the curse that to all of us via Adams original sin - the fall of man. Independence Day is here. In Jesus we are Free Indeed!

Let’s look at what Jesus said in our text:

A.) "If you abide in My word..."

1. It is our choice, thus the "If" - to abide in His word. Everyday we make the choice.

2. "Abide" means to continue to learn, and to apply the word to our lives and live by it.

B.) "You will know the truth..."

1. In order to "know" something we must "get it in our brain through reading, observation, study. Then it can get into our spirit, character, conduct, emotions for positive effect.

2. Knowledge of the word doesn’t happen by accident. Knowledge comes to us because we avail ourselves to know something - in this case the word of God.

C.) "The truth will make you free."

1. When we know the truth, it is "truth" that liberates us. Truth begins to work in our lives, setting us free when we get it in us. Truth goes to work in our lives, breaking chains of sin, curses, habits and deception. Meditation, reading and studying the truth (God’s word) gets into in our minds, our heart, our spirit, our lives. When we apply it, endeavoring to daily live by the truth... it’s "truth" that breaks us free. His truth...Him.

2. We are free from the consquences of sin, generational curses passed down from Adam in the original fall of man, by the power of truth - known.

D.) "They answered Him..."

1. What is our answer concerning His freedom? Is it full of pride and arrogance like some of the followers that day. "...We were never in bondage..."

2. Or is our answer humble and willing learn, grow?

E.) "...whoever commits sin is a slave of sin."

1. Sin is a slave master. Because "all have sinned" the bible says, we are all slaves to its power, effects, curse and penalty. We, if we remain captive to sin, "...will not abide forever..." or, have eternal life, and right to Heaven (God’s house).

2. However, Jesus provides for humanity, Indendence, Freedom, Liberty from these things.

F.) "... a son..."

1. Jesus offers us sonship. Forgiveness of sin, adoption into the family of God and a place in His house forever ("a son abides in the house forever").

2. When we becomes sons, through faith in Jesus Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin

3. Read: John 1:10-13

G.) "Therefore, if the Son makes you free..."

1.) Being the Son of God, Jesus has authority over sin, the curse and its consequences.

2.) He gives that power to all sons and daughters who believe in Him, follow Him, continue to learn and apply His word.

Invitation for those who need to be free:

1. Invite the lost (without Christ) to come and pray. Lead them to Christ.

2. Invite those who are bound with sin, habits, addictions to come for prayer.

3. Invite Christians to come and re-committ to reading, studying and meditating in the word of God... knowing the truth ... gaining knowledge of His word and as a result we will experience Freedom.

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