Summary: There are some who try to explain the Trinity, but they just confuse people! They say, God is Jesus and Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is mixed in there too????

There are some who try to explain the Trinity, but they just confuse people!

They say, God is Jesus and Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is too????

How can we better understand this mystery? Every opinion seems to be different, but every school of thought have verses to back their theories. Some teach that God and Jesus is the exact same person. thus, they reason, that Jesus is God and there is no other except Him, or vice versa. Others explain the trinity as being three persons but the same person at the same time, Then there are those who teach that they are separate individuals while being one individual at the same time. MMM, I wonder? Why am I thinking of the word oxymoron right now? Can we find some clear teaching about the subject?

Today, we are going to look more closely and explain from the Bible what Gods Word says when it speaks about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Let me start of by saying that through personal observation I noticed that there is much confusion about this subject; from laity to preachers and alike. Why? Well i;s obvious, because people did not do a thorough Bible study to discover what the Bible teach about this very serious subject (The very nature of God).

It is commonly taught, throughout most denominations that there is a triune God; meaning, one God with three separate parts. Most of them compare the trinity to an egg. They say an egg is a single body of egg containing three sections, (The egg shell, the white part of the egg and the yoke of the egg) while it sounds plausible, we need to get a better grasp on things though!

I myself, when studying this subject, tried to get away from the egg analogy. It seems to suggest that God is three entities with one head. The only way I could make sense out of this was by comparing scripture with Scripture. You need to get a broad view of the clear teaching of the Bible. This is the only way in which we can eliminate opinions.

For a while I entertained the idea that the trinity might be compared to water. I reasoned, water has 3 forms, water; steam; and ice. but this analogy didn't work either. God is not one person morphing Himself into different beings. So, I had the same kind of problem - This still doesn’t square with what the Bible teaches! This view does not account for the fact that they are three different individual persons each in their own in their own respect and remember, each individual is active in different places at the exact same time. But let's take it one step further: Dont forget the fact that Jesus is limited to his own body - all of the time and God not, neither is the Holy Spirit.

If you intend to describe Jesus, The Christ, God, The Father, and the Holy Spirit, our comforter in terms of being a single entity I would like to remind you of one thing - Each person of the Godhead is distinctly different from the other.

So, I was still on my quest to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Why the confusion then? Could it be true that some have dared to tamper with the Biblical truth of the nature of God. I think that some well meaning Christians, in an effort to make sense of it all, and grasping at straws; looked at the doctrine of the trinity and then they gathered verses to support their preconceived ideas (theories)

Be sincere and honest with yourself when you answer the following questions. Is it possible that our view and our teaching of the nature of God is tainted and mixed with man-made traditions and then labeled as fact? Could it be that we wanted to explain this mystery so badly, that we had grandfathered a theory into our doctrine? Were we responsible for mixing truth with error? This leaves us with a massive predicament. We still need to answer the question: if The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three separate beings, how on earth can they be one. You must agree with me. It is impossible for three separate individuals to be one person at the same time? And thus, not understanding, we come up with all kinds of theories and speculations and we resort to confusion – Babylon.

When I found myself plagued with this problem I made it my top priority to study this subject out for myself. Lets look at it?

and my Father are one (John 10:30).

Lets read scripture in the context in which it was written. - Let's apply the principle -solo scriptura" (The Bible and the Bible alone)

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