Summary: we all have influence.

Hebrews 11:23-29

Influential faith

Intro: everyone has influence

1: think of yourselves

a) each person has influence on another person

b) parents have influence on their children

c) good and bad

d) The most influential people in the world are not senators or congressmen, or pro athletes or preachers or scholars. Their parents. Adrian Rogers said that and he was right!!!

Point: God blesses us with the opportunity to be a part of a child’s life, to influence that child. To bring that child up in the ways of the Lord, to pray and trust the Lord, to love with compassion and grace, to hope with eternity and yearn for righteousness, to be a pillar of strength for them and a bended knee and heart and voice lifted to heaven calling upon our God to protect them and keep them safe.

2: what type of influence do you have?

a) How do we respond to situations in our lives?

b) The way we respond is the way our kids will respond.

c) What do we do?

d) That’s what they will probably do as well.

Point: the type of people we are right now has a huge impact on the type of people are children will become. Look at the parents of Moses and how Moses turned out.

Body: Hebrews 11:23

1: by faith

a) the trust and belief they had in God

b) when Moses was born he was hid for 3 months

c) pharaoh had sent a decree that all the Hebrew boys born should be thrown into the Nile

d) he feared the Israelites and their vast population and power

e) Exodus 1:16 pharaoh’s decree

Point: Amram and Jochebed both of the tribe of Levi Exodus 6:20 the parents of Moses and Aaron. In Exodus and Hebrews the word says they saw that Moses was a goodly child. The parents of Moses were people of faith and seen something in this child that they knew was different. It took a lot of faith to go against pharaoh and the Egyptian authority to save this youngsters life.

2: faith overrides fear

a) valor- courage

b) they were not afraid of the king’s commandment

c) the Lord had said he would raise up a leader who would lead Israel out of Egypt

d) they knew that the little baby Moses was that man

Point: when you know God’s will and the purpose he has for you faith should override fear. Valor is a term that is almost lost to a young generation coming up in this world. Courage starts in the home in the family; in mama and daddy standing up for what is right.

Body: Story of Moses

1: Floating down the river

a) his mother made an ark with pitch and slime and sent him down the Nile

b) Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing in the river, she was probably going to a place where she went as a child

c) She saw the ark and sent her handmaiden to get it

d) When she opened it little baby Moses cried and her heart was melted and she had compassion on him.

Point: Jehocbed had faith but she put her faith into action by building an ark and sealing it up, she put in the river at a place where I’m sure she knew people would be. Miriam told her se could get a nurse for the baby.

2: Faith without works is dead

a) Jehocbed applied her faith with action to save her son’s life.

b) Also to prepare him for his leadership role as the leader who brings Israel out of Egypt?

c) Her faith delivered Moses and allowed her to still instruct

d) and train him up as a child

e) She got paid to raise her own child, all the while teaching him and training him in the ways of the Lord.

Point: sometimes God just throws an extra handful down for us, she got her son back and got wages from pharaoh’s daughter to do it. When we put our faith in the Lord and trust him with everything we have the blessings in our lives can be unlimited.

3: Valor brought victory

a) v 24 when Moses came of years he refused to be called son of pharaoh’s daughter

b) courage and faith his parents trained him up in gave him the courage to stand up as well

c) it takes bravery to live on faith and abide just in the provisions of the Lord

d) back then and even today in a world that seems to be falling in around itself.

Point: God wants us to be courageous and have valor to trust him and stand up for what is right. Our children need us to be fathers and mothers who have faith that is unshakeable and trust that is unbreakable in the Lord Jesus Christ. To say no you can’t have my child if it costs me my life I will stand and face you in defense of my family.

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