Summary: In order to experience Spiritual renewal, we need to understand the ingredients that lead to it.

II Samuel 12:13

Under some circumstances, to have someone say, “you the man”, is a welcomed idea. In David’s situation, however, it wasn’t. For David to be the man meant that He was worthy of the punishment he prescribed for the acts of the man described by Nathan. What David did in response to Nathan’s allegations of wrong doing was admirable. David humbled himself in the midst of discovery, and turned back to God.

I. Confession of sin involves God

A God establishes the standard:

1. God defines sin - Falling short of

the glory of God. Not just

breaking one of God’s written

commandments, but failing to

obedient to the leading of the

Holy Spirit.

2. God discovers sin - God, as the

Holy Spirit, makes known to us the

sins within our lives.

3. God delivers message - God lowers

the boom through His Holy Spirit,

or someone whom He chooses.

B God provides a manual:

1. God’s Word still defines sin -

God’s Word does not change with

time because God does not change

in time. He is the same today as

yesterday and will be the same

tomorrow as He is today.

2. God’s Word leads us to discover


3. God’s Word leads us to see sin.

II. Confession of sin involves an intercessor

A God provides an assistant:

1. Nathan was God’s messenger to

David (12:1)

2. Nathan was to reveal David’s

faults (12:1-6)

3. Nathan was to announce judgment


B God reveals assistant to all: (John 8:8-9)

1. Holy Spirit is God’s messenger

2. Holy Spirit is the revealer

3. Holy Spirit is the alarm

III. Confession involves us

A God expects us to ‘fess’ up:

1. David’s discovery (Nathan’s


2. David’s humility (I have sinned)

3. David’s faith (vs. 24-25)

B God has revealed how to ‘fess’ up:

1. Our discovery - Are we willing to


2. Our humility - Are we willing to

admit it when we discover sin?

3. Our faith - Do we believe that

Jesus can renew our souls?

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