Summary: We are in the end time.Many People are missing the way, following the path of wickedness and pretend to love the Lord, but in actual sense, are not really with Him.



Beloved, you are welcome to today's episode in the hour of the trumpeter. It is aimed at waking up the believers in Christ through the undiluted word of God, and also warning the unbelieving world about the imminent judgement of God.I sincerely thank God Almighty for his abundant grace to us, and also opening our eyes on daily basis concerning the amazing facts happening around us.

If you are joining us for the first time, I wish to let you know that this is an-end time messages coming direct to you, and also, being an alert for you to be more serious now-more than ever before.

At this time, Let us pray.

In the name of Jesus Christ-Amen

God of grace and truth, we thank you for your unfailing word. May you speak to us, this time of the day. Use me as an instrument of righteousness to speak your word and truth to my listener. And may your word fall on the good ground to bear hundredfold tonight. Bless us together. This we pray, through Jesus Christ, our Lord-Amen.


Matthew chapter 24 verse 12

“And because iniquity shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax cold”

We read this passage of the Bible, to understand exactly things we are going to say now. The above topic came out from the mouth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself. The book of Matthew chapter 24 deals purely on eschatological subjects. Eschatology, if you must know- is the study of the end-time events. So, Jesus, here, is opening the heart and mind of his disciples about the events of the last days.

Why did Jesus opened up this matter?

The reason is that He wants you and I to know everything that is happening now, and should happen afterwards.

In verse 12, where we read, He talks about iniquity which abounds in our generation, which also make the love of many people living today, to wax cold. This word should be fulfilled also at the time of the great tribulation.

If you've been following our series in this hour of the trumpeter, you will know exactly where we are going and what God lays in our mind for this generation.

When you look at the passage, it looks too simple but not. For, any word which comes from the mouth of the Lord must be taken seriously. God doesn't play with His word or joke about it. So, every word from him must be taken seriously.

Now, let us look at the word of our topic, to bring out the actual truth and meaning of it. Just look at verse 12 and see the words used-I mean, beginning with the word- Iniquity.

What is iniquity?

The Greek word is "anomia" meaning, lawlessness, wickedness and unrighteousness. The other word is "love" and the correct usage here is from the Greek word" agape" As you know,we have different kinds of love. The one here, is sacrificial love- that is, God's kind of love. The final word from the main passage is "wax cold". And the Greek word for it is "psucho" meaning, to blow or cool by blowing. In other-words, "it is a waning zeal"

So, putting the whole words together, Jesus Christ is saying here, "lawlessness, wickedness and unrighteousness will abound, because people will allow God's love in them to grow cold, or freeze out. Are you getting something now?

People shall miss the way, to follow the path of wickedness or they will pretend to love the Lord, but in actual sense, are not really with Him.The result out of the whole thing warrants some questions in the heart of many, "Are you sure, we are getting it right? "Where is God then, if He is still with us- Maybe He has abandon the earth He created? Some might even say, "Are you still believing the same old story? Why can't you join us, Can't you see here, there is no wolf after all? Anyway, you may just register with them but don't attach yourself too much to this church thing! After all, this is the only world you see now.

Maybe you have thousands and one question now, going on in your mind. Are you allowing the love of God in your life to freeze out? Maybe, today's headline news are not helping matters. You now hear all kinds of stories which the word of God says,that may make the heart to melt. To you, the church of God,which is, the hope of a common man is no more helping issues. There is problem everywhere- both in the family, institution and society.

Some hearts are getting cold already. My brother and my sister, you started very well, believing the story of the old time religion, but now, you have a heart asking many questions."Why was I created after all or where is the promise of His coming" . Things are getting worse day after day. There’s a connection now, in you,with my topic- don't you?

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