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Luke 6: 37

Jeremiah 44: 9

In the game of life and death the wisdom of a woman wins, her strategies on the field have worked. The feminist movement from the beginning of time has influenced, much of the reform in which society relates to her well-arranged picture. All of the styles that man have about him most of them he failed to reach. Women are picking up the throw down and wastefulness of man, and packing their bags. They have found a home for it and it’s not the trash, (garage sells all around the city.

She has become a virtuous women independently involved with considerable leeway to decorate constructivism; there’s nothing like having a women around. A woman that honors her husband in everything is “The expression of one soul talking to another” about the academic’s of togetherness. Don’t expect a woman to be grave if her husband’s aren’t treating her right; there quickly to come out the tomb, and when they do it’s hard to get them back in. Unless you break the will to live, It’s not easy to die - Jesus says (except a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die – it abides alone, but if it die it brings forth fruit.

There some wives that will come forth unto victory with the love of their husband in the cosmetics of the promises of good features, a burning light on the inside of both souls shining out over creation. Like the church is subject to God, wives, being good at this work and sometime dreams not gone come true only on sun day, but it’s about being refreshed against the strong solitary temptations of the mind. Jesus says be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind candle lighted.

And wives don’t let the spirit of the “Dukes” give you to another but be a good wife I know it’s hard when your husband abandons you out there to face the challenge against your incontinences eely semiweekly. When a women is placed under community supervision by the very one their husband trusts; I don’t blame a women for doing what Rebekah did. She needs to feel what everyman wants to feel and that’s love. Women, I understand what it is to be financially stress with home confinement sometime this leads to the potential to further the wrongs.

Make yourself determine to keep your mind on Jesus if you expect to have the perfect peace that makes marriage strong. With this in mind, it will lead to a positive life changing experience. Isn’t that what you want? It depends on how bad you want the equal treatment of God’s love, whatever you want there has to be work to his faith to illustrate the bright and morning star. Have the kind of mind that you will do anything to experience prevalence over significant hindrances. Be not weary in well doing because in do season; you shall reap if you faint not.

Find your role and place in God even if you lose friends, family, and their due process not to carry the cross. If the law of sin and death protects my right to freedom of speech; I’m sure not making any friends; I wonder why. I know I got a friend that sticks closer than those so call friends. They are always angry at me without a cause; I feel sorry for them because they act like the kakapo without any worries about meeting God under those conditions. I see what Jesus means when he said let the dead bury their dead.

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