Summary: The Star and Stars of Christmas is a series of messages for Advent. Using the idea of a play on a stage. Each message will look at different characters in the Christmas story. The introduction takes a critical look at how many in our society are portrayed as celebrities—bigger than life.

Cut! Cut! This story is missing something! The script is not going the way it was written. First, it was written with a God-given ability for all players in the script to always love the Lord, follow his precepts for godly living. Let’s review, the original script looked like this:

• At first, there was no set, just the author.

• The author began putting together a fascinating set, one inspired by His desire to create a perfect, perfect story.

• He, as the master lighting technician, engineered the most incredible stage lighting. Rhythmically, the light changes from pitch black to a brilliant light.

• When you look at this, while sitting on the front row, you see the setting sun reflecting off the water and casting beautiful colors throughout the clouds.

• The next moment, with a special effect unique to the author and director, land begins to push up through the water.

• During those times the set become pitch black, there is an expanse of twinkling lights in a panoramic display. Wonderful things begin to happen with the setting and rising of the Sun. Suddenly, flowers bloom, the heat warms the water and land, the leaves on the trees change from green to a beautiful array of colors. Then miraculously the leaves begin to fall from the trees, except for those that are forever green, and there is a hush as white stuff, beautiful stuff, stuff that calms the soul, begins to cover the ground.

• As if it was magic, the author has placed some fascinating living creatures in the water. Each of these are very distinct; some with beautiful colors, others with very interesting and particular features.

• When it appears the set is complete, the air fills with chirping and singing. In appearance, they look like flying seraphim. The number of these unique species are numberless. They spend the day as if they have no fear, no worry, flying skyward as if they will disappear into the author’s innermost set, one that has yet given to the stars of the story. Can you hear them? It sounds like they are singing, Holy, holy, holy…. They appear as if they are praising and worshiping God for who he was, is doing, and what he continues to do. It is like he has a magic pen and living paper. "Day and night, they never stop saying: "'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." Revelation 4:8

• And, aw! From incredibly small to huge in posture and size the set is suddenly full of moving animals. Some crawl. Some jump, as though they are filled with joy. Others run so fast they appear to slide off the set. The large ones make a resounding sound as their huge feet traverse the land. There are some with incredible long necks, standing tall and proud as they reach high into the trees, looking skyward as if they are peering into the authors script.

• Then when it appears the set can not hold anything else, the author introduces another feature. Human beings! Human beings created in his image!

• In a very reverent manner, the author sits on his throne, and breathes life into his perfect set. He is reflecting upon what would be known as a masterpiece, one where none other would match. Each entity would have a starring role in his unfolding drama. Resting on this day, creatures distinctly different, serve and worship him as they sing. Spectacular background music soothes the soul.

• The author knows exactly how he wants the script to develop. The next scene, cast in one of the most serene settings imaginable, the stars walk onto the stage. The author has given each freedom to make decisions. The decisions they made began an incredible story for all to follow. There are times when it looks like the author should crumble up the script and start over. Yet, he doesn’t. He continues to whisper into the stars decisions they can make to restore the authors intent.

• As the story develops, it is filled with conflict, drama, grief, disappointment, rebellion, devastation, slavery, characters wandering around aimlessly attempting to find purpose and meaning.

• In a very special way, the author creates another scene. It is not the garden, like the one the author set for the first stars; the place where human players first stepped into the story. It was close; however, it has the picture of a place where, in a way, the stars of the script could reenter the design of the original script.

• Yet, the stars begin to look more like antagonists, those the author wanted to find great joy in. Yet, when all looks hopeless, the author interjects

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