Summary: Jews and Gentiles may be distinguishable peoples, but there is only one message and one way of salvation for all.

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(Acts 10:30-48)

1. Gary Dougherty, a co-worker at RBC Ministries, was walking home from church one evening when he saw a young man coming from the opposite direction. A strong urge came over Gary to talk with him about becoming a Christian. He hesitated at first, but then he said to this total stranger, "Pardon me, but I believe God wants me to tell you how to become a Christian."

"I just asked my girlfriend’s mother that question," said the man, "but she didn’t know." "You mean you want to become a Christian?" Gary asked. "Yes, I do!" he replied. Still incredulous, Gary asked him again and then shared the plan of salvation with him. That night a young man met Jesus as his Savior. [Source: Our Daily Bread]

2. This might be a little different in the case of Cornelius. I believe Cornelius was born-again under the Old Covenant, but His faith had to be migrated to the now completed work of Christ. Still, this migration does exemplify conversion.

Main Idea: Jews and Gentiles may be distinguishable peoples, but there is only one message and one way of salvation for all.

I. The Lesson SOLIDIFIED: Gentiles Saved the Same Way As Jews (10:30-48)

A. Cornelius explains WHY he called Peter (30-33)

In obedience to God’s command

B. Peter connects the DOTS (34-36)

Deuteronomy 10:17 reads, "For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes."

"I am a creature [of God] and my neighbor is also His creature… We have learnt that it matters not whether one does much or little, if only he directs his heart to heaven" (Berachot 17a).

• The implications of that phrase, "Lord of All" now take on new meaning…

How would Peter have understood the Great Commission’s urgency for worldwide evangelism before this event? Many of the ancient rabbis held the there always were, among the gentiles, righteous people "who have a share in the world to come" (Tosefta, Sanhedrin 13:2).

C. The message is JESUS (37-43)

1. HISTORICAL (37-41)

Some people -- including some ministers -- will say that "The Christ Event" (cross, burial, and resurrection) did not happen in literal history, but in a "higher history," in a spiritual way; this is an escape from reason. Christianity is a historical faith! It is not a philosophical set of beliefs with myths added to accentuate the philosophy.

a. throughout all Judea, starting from Galilee--location

b. after the baptism which John proclaimed--time

c. Jesus of Nazareth--actual person

d. anointed Him with the Holy Spirit --Messiah

e. He went about doing good and healing --signs

f. they crucified Him-- atonement

g. God raised Him --victory

h. we are witnesses --veracity/truth


A proposition is, "something offered for consideration or acceptance" It can be taken or left, accepted or rejected.

a. He will judge, so you had better act

b. Old Testament bears witness (fulfilled prophecies)

c. Everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness

d. What have YOU done about this proposition

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