Summary: In this passage God is going to pinpoint His complaint against His chosen ministers.

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Scripture Introduction:

Please turn to Malachi 2:1-9. Do you think God has specific expectations from His ministers? In this passage God is going to pinpoint His complaint against His chosen ministers. FCF: People need to know God’s expectations for ministers. What instructions does God have for His ministers? Malachi 2:1-9



There was a man who got lost in the desert. After wandering around for a long time his throat became very dry, about that time he saw a little shack in the distance. He made his way over to the shack and found a water pump with a small jug of water and a note.

The note read: "pour all the water into the top of the pump to prime it, if you do this you will get all the water you need". Now the man had a choice to make, if he trusted the note and poured the water in and it worked he would have all the water he needed. If it didn’t work he would still be thirsty and he might die. Or he could choose to drink the water in the jug and get immediate satisfaction, but it might not be enough and he still might die. After thinking about it the man decided to risk it. He poured the entire jug into the pump and began to work the handle, at first nothing happened and he got a little scared but he kept going and water started coming out. So much water came out he drank all he wanted, took a shower, and filled all the containers he could find. Because he was willing to follow instructions, he got all the water he needed.

Churches are successful today only to the degree that they follow the instructions given by God. Often ministers drink the jug of immediate satisfaction in an effort to build the church of God by compromising God’s instructions. Therefore, tragically many ministers practice ministry that fails to give honor to His name.

The Main Point: Because Jesus Christ is the Lord of hosts; you must practice ministry that gives honor to His name.

God gives us a list of complaints in this section of Scripture (1:6-2:17).

He is not pleased with corrupt worship that is being offered to Him.

The priests are being held responsible for this corrupt worship.

Now, He is going to address the priests.

What instructions does God have for His ministers?

I. He is cursing those who despise His name through their ministry. v. 8-9

A. What does unfaithful ministry look like (8)?

1. God’s ministers go their own way (8a).

2. God’s ministers cause many to stumble (in the law)(8b) (Mt 18:6-9).

3. God’s ministers corrupt (destroy/ruin) God’s covenants (8c).

Numbers 25:1-14

For this act of divine zeal the eternal possession of the priesthood was promised to Phinehas and his posterity as Jehovah's covenant of peace…by displaying my zeal in the midst of them he had averted destruction from the Israelites… K&D Commentary

B. How does God curse unfaithful ministry (9)?

Those that fail to adhere to His way….

1. They are despised and abased.

2. They show partiality of instruction.


Pharisees (not respected) and John the Baptist (radical yet respected)

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