Summary: Intentional Leadership is greatly needed after Jan 2011. WE need to upgrade our leadership training, and deploying as soon as possible as a powerfull move of GOD is on. Jesus is looking for leaders who will be accountable and intenional!

David & Phyllis Roch

Intentional Leadership


Four objectives are:

1. That we would each grow closer to God.

2. That we would grow closer in our marriages.

3. Get to know each other in a closer way, so we can encourage, bless, minister and challenge each other.

4. That we would all take at least the first step in being an intentional leader.

Let take time to set one goal for each of the four. (See goal setting)



(Take a piece a string Lead or push)

We all lead someone.

Our children, someone at work, our pets

Tell story of Kayla and Hayley.

We also lead by example

Whether we like it or not we lead by example especially your own children. We are having fun with Garrett right now. He does what ever we do, it’s so cool... And sometimes not so cool!

It should teach us something.

I want to let you know people and someone is watching you at home at work at play etc. and more so if you have any kind of title of leadership. (Show pictures of Larry boy)((We have found that you will be surprised at who is watching you. Also if you are a leader of God’s choice even if you do not know it or are not leading other people notice it and follow you.)

We all have had heroes

We need them.

You are a hero right now to some one.

Our country is failing because we have not a passion for good

Character of life. But on getting more or doing more.

(We end up people pleasers instead of God pleasers)

People will follow no matter what. People are generally followers.

The bible says without a vision or without leadership the people perish.

Do you remember this Dennis Rodman the basketball star Do you want Dennis Rodman as the hero for your children? Just look at the average teen-ager’s bedroom - who are their heroes?

This should give you a passion for leadership.

The challenge is, will you stand up and be that hero?

You too can be superman - well at least super mom or super dad. Or a super example to others.


The main goal of leadership is to help people grow close to GOD!!

Who would not want it?

And you have that privilege. I want you to have it. I see so much potential in each of you. Leaders, not just of your family or a little church, but strong leaders - movers and shakers in our city, in our province, our country ---- who knows where it could go?

Eg. David’s adoptive daughter and the honey tree tying bee honey jars to a tree.

The good news is that you can be intentional about your leadership

Leadership is not so much a commitment, not just doing things – but an understanding -- a revelation --- just being that leader the understanding that yours and my leadership needs to be intentional.

We need to pray God will give us a passion for leadership.

We need to change the way we think - get a leaders mentality.

Do you know?

- you can do all things through CHRIST who strengths you

- That you are fearfully and wonderfully made

- If the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart are they pleasing unto God.

- If you think on the good things.

Look what you are doing now:

- Will it build character in you?

- Will it inspire others?

Who are you when no one is watching?

Leadership model:

1. You do it

2. You do it with someone watching

3. You watch they do it

4. Let them do it

5. Send them out to do it

Then it starts all over again.

That’s what Phyllis and I been doing. Now it’s time for most of you to be to be at the 4 stage - doing it.


Leadership is lifelong you will learn and go on. Remember it’s a call.

L.e.a.d.e.r. - let’s spell it

Lead using the 5 fold model

Encourage the Involvement of as many people as possible.

Act you do it first

- start it do something GO – remember the string

Determine to go on - There will be troubles –

- (there will be some who speak against you - say you are special - etc etc )

Earn respect of the people by being. Not only doing.

- They said about Jesus he is not like the Pharisees of the day

Recruit others.

- The Paul timothy principal.

What is intentional?

It’s recognising that we are leaders - you have been chosen:

1Pe 1:2 who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ an

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