Summary: The Logos or Word came into the "nightmare" of our own making to restore the "dream"

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Into our Nightmare came the Son – John 1:1-18

Wonderful sensation of fainting

 Number of years ago I had an small operation on my hand to remove a burst blood vessel

 Everything was straightforward until they released the tourniquet on my upper arm and the local anesthetic was released into the rest of my body and I started to go wonky

 Passed out on the surgery floor

 Remember having the most wonderful feeling of ecstasy until I started to come to

 Then it was back to the pain of the moment

 In just a few moments I went from ecstasy to anguish

 This feeling much have been similar to the experience of Adam and Eve when they first sinned

 One moment they are enjoying communion with God, living with one another in the most beautiful of settings, the next they are experiencing the torment of guilt and sin

 God’s dream of a sharing his eternal existence with his created human family without the prospect of confronting sin vanished in a moment

 Humanity’s fate changed too, instead of living the dream of spending eternity with God, their destiny was to live the nightmare of sin

 Darkness and confusion again settled on the face of the earth

 For millennia this was man’s fate, then a remarkable thing happened, The Logos or the Word entered OUR nightmare with the resources to fix the problem and restore the dream

The Word or Logos

 To the Greeks, the Logos represented the soul of the universe. It was the rational principle from which everything came, a creative stabilizing governing force of the universe

 To the Hebrews, the Logos was identified with the Word of God. In the OT, the Word of God represented His actions, how God revealed Himself and acted.

 So when John uses the term Logos, it is a term that appeals to both the Greek and the Hebrew.

John 1:1 In the beginning the Word already existed.

 Here we see proof of Jesus living outside of time and space. John is saying, “Before time and space existed, the Logos was there

He was with God, and he was God.

 How can you be with someone and be Him at the same time

 This is the ongoing dilemma we humans face in trying to explain the Trinity

2He was in the beginning with God. 3He created everything there is. Nothing exists that he didn’t make.

 That phrase right there blows the argument of those who claim Jesus was a created being right out of the water

 If He created everything that exists, how could he create himself

 The Word is the person in the Godhead who actually did the creating

Logos as Creator

 But right here we see one of the resources available to the Logos, He is the creator, and as such, he is once again going to move on the face of the deep and create a new order

4Life itself was in him,

What is the next resource the Logos brings to the equation? Life

 He is the “life” giver

 Every every atom, every grass seed, every newborn, has been given the gift of life

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