Summary: This is the first of many sermons on the book of Jude, a brief introduction.


These studies are not designed to be exhaustive by any means, but then, neither should they be considered mere bones of an outline. After pastoring for well over 30 years I have preached enough sermons to choke a horse and without a doubt some of my sermons could have gagged a tough old mule! My hope is this will help fellow pastors and believers to learn and enjoy studying the Bible. I confess I am addicted to both illustrations and alliteration but it is helpful in keeping things interesting and remembering what has been studied. My goal is to glorify God! I remember reading somewhere about a man who went to hear one preacher after another. Leaving he said to himself, “My oh my, what a preacher!” Then he heard Charles Haddon Spurgeon and left with tears streaming down his face saying, “My oh my, what a Savior!” If when you’re finished with this book you say, “My what a wonderful preacher” then I have failed miserable in my purpose. It is my prayer that when you put this book down you could cry out, “My, what a precious Savior the Lord Jesus Christ truly is!”

We are all familiar with the Beatles, and their song Hey Jude, here is the song rewritten by me for the introduction of this book.

Hey Jude, no need to stay bad

Take the Savior in and He will make it better

Remember to receive Him into your heart

Then He’ll start to make your life better

Hey, Jude says don't be afraid

You were made by God and who could know you better?

The minute you let Jesus into your heart.

Then He will start to make you better

And anytime you feel the pain, just read Jude, again and again

And you’ll stop trying to carry the world upon your shoulder

For well you know that it's a fool who lets self rule

By making his world, by his own little power

Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah

Hey Jude says, this letter won’t let you down

Because it’s God’s Word, and there’s nothing better

Remember all we need to do is let Him into our hearts

Now, what in time or eternity could be better.

So let Him into your heart and life will begin

You don’t have to be waiting for someone to perform

Because God will do that for you, says Jude, He’ll do

The power you need is on His shoulder

Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah

Hey Jude says, don’t remain bad

Take in the Savior, as He alone can make your life better

Remember to let Him, the Lord Jesus, into heart and win

He will forgive your sin

Then things could not be better

Better better better better better better, oh

Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah

Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah

I know, I won’t quit my day job, but always wanted to do something like that. Anyway I hope this little study is a blessing to you and brings much glory and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Johnny A Palmer Jr.

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