Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: New Testement Leadership

Introduction to New Testament Leadership

A Shepherds Heart

1) What are your expectations for the course?

2) Write down the mission statement of the church.

3) Write down why the church exists.

4) Tell me why you want to be a leader in this church.

My expectations on you as a leader:

o Prioritize public meetings

o Unless you are sick or out of town

o Prioritize our corporate prayer times

o Come prepared to contribute

o Apostolic meetings take priority over all

My commitment to you

I will:

o Support you publicly

o Always desire the best for you

o Deal with you with open hands

o You are God’s leaders

o Be faithful to play whatever roll I can to ensure that you get the promotions in God and that you walk into His fullness in every area of your life

A Shepherd’s Heart

“The heart of the shepherd is the closest thing to the heart of God for His church.”

He goes on to say …

“A shepherd’s heart is a required attitude in all leadership ministries and especially in governmental ministries.”

Frank Damazio

Probably the least used title for a leader in history … and yet God emphasizes the heart of the shepherd.

Numbers 27:15–17 … Moses’ leadership is coming to an end … he asks God for a shepherd…

1 Kings 22:17 … no shepherd results in defeat…

Jesus is always our perfect example and never more so than in the area of shepherding God’s people.

Which of the Ephesians 5 fold ministry is the most important one? The pastor

You have no right to prophecy anything over somebody if you do not love them …

John 21:15

There is a progression here

Lambs to sheep

Sheep to Shepherds

The difference between sheep and shepherds is selfishness

Sheep live for themselves

Shepherds live for the flock

My agenda for this time of training is to stir the shepherd’s heart in you

Everything we do flows from this foundation

Matt 22:34

We love God and we love people

The Shepherd as a Servant Leader

John 10:1-18

We don’t need any more shepherds that are going to betray the flock – we have enough of them already. We need some servant-hearted leaders who will lay down their lives for the flock.

1) V3 There are watchmen

There is security



In the natural shepherds used to build observation towers

Speaks of great effort

Speaks of great foresight … the shepherd by nature must be a far seeing watchman.

Lazy shepherds leave the flock open to attack

Begin to pray for the sheep

Psalm 121:3–8

Jer 31:10

Luke 2:8

Ezekiel 3:17

2) V3 There is a gate

Again this speaks of protection and authority – as to who comes in.

But also a coming and going of the sheep … freedom

If the sheep stay penned they will die

3) V3 They listen to his voice

Because they trust him …

This speaks strongly of integrity and strength of character

There is also a sense of a proven testimony

1 Tim 3:10 … they must first be tested

4) V3 He calls his sheep by name

There is a great sense of intimacy

The sheep have their own identity to the shepherd

Not numbers … not tithes … not simply a nameless mass

Derek Prince … each elder should be able to pastor 75 –100 people

5) V4 He leads them out and goes ahead of them

o Leads them out

§ Leadership by example

o Goes ahead of them

§ Sense of direction

§ Sense of the prophetic

6) V4 His sheep follow him because they know his voice

They will never follow a stranger

Well-fed sheep cannot be stolen

7) V11 The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep

Selfless servant–hearted leaders

Set your own agenda aside

Set your own personal preferences aside

David kills the lion and the bear … then gets the kingdom

If we will not take on those things that threaten the flock we will never become shepherds.

8) V12 The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep

So when the wolf comes … he will run.

You cannot pay somebody enough to do this job.

Lets look at the differences between a hireling and a true shepherd

Hireling Shepherd

Labors only for money Labors out of love

Has no heart for the people Has a great love for people

Leaves when trouble comes Stays and fights

Feeds himself not the sheep Feeds the sheep

Neglects Tenderly cares for

Drives the people Leads the people wisely

Is ambitious but avoids responsibility Servant hearted

Scatters the sheep Unites the sheep

Unwilling to make personal sacrifice Always willing to make personal sacrifice

9) V16 I have other sheep that are not of this pen …

There has to be an evangelistic edge to the true shepherd’s gifting

A heart for the lost

Illustrate the 99:1

Luke 15:1–7


Matt 9:36

Mark 6:34

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