Summary: Study of the book of Isaiah, Chapter 1. God calls men together to be changed -- just as He is calling us today. Will we respond? What is keeping us from hearing and doing?

Invitation to a Conference

Isaiah 1:18


- Isaiah was a prophet for his time, but this entire book is relevant to today

- Over the next few messages we are going to examine Isaiah and his words

- Today church, is the day we need to take this to heed, prayerfully we will

- Often times, our sinful conviction can be taken to an extreme (it should)

- Isaiah Chapter 1 begins to show us this and help us understand this society

- They are alienated from God, totally apart, and they don’t even know it

- God however, wants to introduce change to this society – as He always does

- Isaiah urges men to meet together immediately to discuss – God is urgent also

- (not required) If you’d like, let’s stand together and Read Isaiah 1:1-20 / Pray

Point 1 – An invitation to a conference (v 18)

- Sinful men do not care to think, consider, and look matters in the face – God does

- These men are urged to come and discuss what is happening, because it’s needed

- If they think about things, they think against God than with Him (sinful nature)

- Yet, they are not coming together to think – they are coming together to ACT

- They are called with God’s intent to cause repentance (like going to church)

- These are people who prefer to attend ceremonies, not worship or revival

- Outward performances are easier; being entertained is better than being changed

- Yet, this matter requires immediate discussion because God calls them now

- App: If God is involved, we need to be – regardless of how we’d feel initially

- App: Today church, wise counsel is desperately needed and we too require it now

- Consider for a moment why God would even want to meet with us?

- Would a King consider having dinner with a common criminal? Of course not!

- The invitation is God trying to get their attention to come and discuss peace

- When we come to God as He calls us, we come for the same intent – for peace

- But first, we must come (Wed night, how do we pray – need vs. want) – Isa 1:13

- TRANS: With all this that we have … why would God desire to call us?

Point 2- God’s reasoning

- “… though your sins are like scarlet”; God still calls the worst sinners to himself (disciples – tax collectors, prideful men, sinful men), Paul, Moses, You and I)

- But only God can remove the sin; “… they shall be white as snow”

- We must come to Him and seek to have this peace, to have redemption in Him

- When God forgives the sin, the war between He and us ends – but NOT until then

- God will remove the guilt of sin (Psalm 103:12 – far as east is from west)

- God will discharge the penalty of sin (Rom 6:23 – wages of sin is death)

- God will destroy the dominion of sin (Rev 21:4 – wipe away every tear)

- God will prevent the return of sin (Rev 21:5 – I (Jesus) make everything new)

- There is nothing that any of us can ever do to fill these roles; its God’s alone


- Because of God’s mercy and desire to be closer to us; we must draw to Him

- There is a free forgiveness, a full atonement, a restoring by the Spirit of ourselves

- We need constant sanctification, the path is so easy – if only we would MOVE

Point 3 – How does God see our sins?

- Our sins being red like crimson, were met with the crimson blood of Christ

- Christ’s blood applied to your sin, to your guilt, cleanses it immediately

- We are restored because of this meeting we have; just as Isaiah was calling

- Yet, there is a lesson here: it is a constant cleansing that we require for sin

- Not salvation … but sin. Has anyone sinned today/week? Thoughts, deeds?

- APP: Then you need to come to these altars this morning and pray!

- James 4:17, “Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it sins”


- Invite singers

- It is the requirement of us as believers to ask for forgiveness – 1 John 1:9

- It is an action step … not a given … but an action to be drawn together

- God is calling us to come to Him and be made whole, to be made right

- If you do not ask, it will not be given to you! (Pray)

* Message inspired by Charles H. Spurgeon

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