Summary: Encouraging the church to become involved as the church

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Luke 10: 25-37

Humphrey UMC

SundayAM 7/24/2005

Luke 10

The Lord gave me this message as I as thinking about a story I heard years ago. There was a young pastor in his first church that was struggling and having a hard time, discouraged with attendance and growth. One Saturday this young pastor was in a resaurant preparing to eat breakfast with a season and experienced pastor. The young pastor with tears in his eyes looked at the elder minister and said "I just can’t seem to get folks in the church committed to anything." The elder minister told the young pastor that he needed to get them involved not just committed. The young pastor not understanding asked what the difference was between being committed and involved? About that time the waitress brought their breakfast to the table, there it was 2 big platters of eggs, hashbrowns, grits, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits and gravy. THe elder minister looked at the young pastor and asked him what he saw, the young pastor named everything that was on the platters, then the elder minister said "Do you see those eggs? Where did they come from?" THe young pastor answered "From a chicken!" Then he asked the young pastor "Where did the sausage, ham and bacon come from?" He answered from a hog. The elder said"You see son, THE CHICKEN WAS COMMITTED, BUT THE HOG WAS INVOLVED."

Luke 10: verse 30

This morning we aren’t going to get into the first part of this text, I believe that there are 3 different examples of how the church responds today. I want to share with you 3 different attitudes of the church.

(The road here from Jerusalem to Jericho was 17 miles and was very winding with a 3,300 feet drop. All along this road there were numerous places that were perfect for an ambush)

The best way to travel this road was in groups yet the man today was traveling alone. He was beaten, robbed, thrown in the ditch and left for dead.

Today we are going to look at how 3 different churches respond to a need:

I. First Response: (Verse 31) "A certain Priest" UNCONCERN

I used to think that this man didn’t even notice that there was a need, but you can see here in this verse "And when he saw him." This man did in fact see the man in the ditch, but he passed by on the other side.

(People aren’t sure as to whether or not this man was in a hurry, if he was late to a meeting, a luncheon, a tee time or what)

What’s important today? This man noticed the need but he did not stop. I’m afraid there are alot of churches like this today, they are too busy with "self" to stop and meet a need. Jesus wasn’t about big fancy buildings or fancy programs he was about people. he was about meeting needs.

This priest was UNCONCERNED. As we travel along the road we will find all kinds of debri, brokedness. God will use people to meet the needs of people.

What kind of attitude do you bring into the church?

II. Second Response: (Verse 32) "A Levite" COMMITTED

Well, this man at least did stop by and take a look. He approached this man and gazed upon him. Yet, what is important once again? He did not do anything to meet a need. I believe there are churches like this in our society today, they see a need, they may stop and gaze upon it yet do nothing.

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Joel Sutton

commented on Jul 10, 2010

Not trying to be critical, but you got the story in the beginning confused. It was actually the chicken who was involved and the hog who was committed. Imagine the same two words in relation to somethinbg else to understand the difference. I''ve been a member of my home church for about 10 years. I tithed, attended worship, etc. I was involved in the church. Last year, I left a very stable career with good pay and benefits to become a local pastor at the same church; essentially starting my professioinal life over. Before, I was involved; now I''m committed. Hope that helps.

George Crumbly

commented on Jul 29, 2014

You are right!! I never noticed that, I will try to edit. Thanks

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