Summary: Shows our obligation to a healthy relationship

“Iron Sharpens Iron”

Proverbs 27: 17

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

This particular text expressly speaks of fundamentals on relationship; moreover, shows how people are redeemed and relationships are esteemed. It is our responsibility to make an effort to pull up people we are in covenant with to try to pull the most out of them to get them to understand their value and furthermore allow them to confirm the greatness within ourselves, because you can measure how great you are when you can pull out of people more than they see in themselves, on the other hand, while you are trying to pull the most out of them they are helping you maximize your impending gifts. I would be less than a good friend if I permitted my counterpart whom I say I’m in covenant with to be less than they have the potential of becoming.

Solomon writes that "Iron sharpens Iron". That would suggest that the relationships you involve yourselves in should be equally beneficial and that while you’re making deposits that you should expect to be rewarded with a return on your investments in the way of growth. It would not be to your benefit to invest a substantial amount of time, money or talent into a relationship that does not have the ability to show forth a return, it is my opinion that you continue to pray for people that are takers but don’t get encompassed with these people to allow them to take you outside your predestined purpose because they are doing exactly what they are called to do in your life take and never give, with that being said it should not be our expectation to receive back from this type of person because as I for mentioned these type are called into your life to be takers and you cannot expect anything else of them other than what they are called to do.

Remember your obligation is to surround yourselves around people that you have a common interest with and can pull from you as you pull from them.

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