Summary: Because Christ is the sovereign Lord; you ought to worship Him in a manner that pleases Him.

Scripture Introduction:

Please turn to Malachi 1:7-14. Have you ever participated in corrupt worship? In this passage God is condemning corrupt or profane (showing disrespect/contempt [disgrace]) worship. FCF: People offer corrupt worship to a holy God. What is the nature of corrupt worship? Malachi 1:7-14


The world is in a crisis of confusion concerning the character and the nature of God. Just as paganism and polytheism tainted the ancient Near Eastern world, our society is influenced by corrupted views of God. The names have changed, but the false gods they represented have not. Instead of Baal, we have new age philosophy; instead of the Sun god Ra, we have Eastern Mysticism, with its worship of Creation; instead of Asherah, we have the worship of supermodels and the sexuality they represent. Instead of idols made of silver, gold and wood, we have consumerism, materialism, humanism, yoga, meditation, and a host of other philosophies that draw from the same cesspool of idolatry represented by the gods of the Canaanites.”

“Like Elijah on Mount Carmel, pastors are called to challenge people to worship the God of the Bible and not the gods of the culture”

Source: Glenn C. Daman, Leading the Small Church: How to Develop a Transformational Ministry, pp. 105, 106.

The Main Point: Because Christ is the sovereign Lord; you ought to worship Him in a manner that pleases Him.

Worship was costly; it became wearisome; and it became lifeless.

The priests had to examine the offering, lay hands on it; cut its throat; sprinkle blood; burn the sacrifice, etc. Offerings such as the sin and guilt offerings, burnt offering, grain and drink, peace offerings…

They are living out of character as God’s people.

Why did God give us this passage?

He is disgusted with His people’s profane (showing disrespect/disgrace) worship (10, 11, 14).

What is God doing in this passage?

He is warning His people to stop their profane worship (10, 14).

Why is this important to me?

If I choose to practice corrupt worship it will:

1) displease God (10);

2) be rejected by God (10);

3) and bring a curse from God (14).

What is the nature of corrupt worship?

I. It is a cheap offering! v. 7-11

A. It violated the law (Lev. 17-25).

1. It was maimed (8).

2. It needed to be perfect.

Mark Minnick listed three reasons why God requires worship that is perfect:

1) Because of the nature of the person of worship: HOLY


A man was walking through an art gallery when he came upon a picture of the Lord Jesus dying upon the cross. He stopped and looked at the beautiful portrait of Calvary's love. As he stared into the face of Christ, so full of agony the gallery guard tapped him on the shoulder. "Lower," the guard said. "The artist painted this picture to be appreciated from a lower position."

So the man bent down. And from this lower position he observed new beauties in the picture not previously shown. "Lower," said the guard. "Lower still." The man knelt down on one knee and looked up into the face of Christ. The new vantage point yielded new beauties to behold and appreciate.

But motioning with his torch toward the ground, the guard said, "Lower. You've got to go lower." The man now dropped down to two knees and looked up. Only then as he looked up at the painting from such a low posture could he realize the artist's intended perspective. Only then could he see the full beauty of the cross.

Is the same not true in worship? Only as we position ourselves lower and lower in humble submission can we behold more fully the glories of our wonderful Lord.

2) Because of the nature of the relationship He wants to have with His people; NOT BLEMISHED

Fellowship offering (Lev. 3:1-17; 7:11-34) thankfulness/free will

A burnt offering represented a person’s dedication to God. The lamb would represent the man being totally consumed (dedicated) to the Lord. Blemished animal blemished dedication.

3) Because it was a symbol of (pointing to) the coming Christ:

1Pe 1:19 but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.

B. It wasn’t costly (8-9).

1. Their government would not accept it (8).

2. Their Lord will not accept it (9-10)

C. It was to be stopped (10-11).

1. He is not pleased (10)

2. He is to be exalted (11).


God never measures a man by the intrinsic worth of what He brings… God primarily measures a man by what is left after he brings it.

Dr. Mark Minnick


So what? Does your worship of God cost you anything?

Why? Costly worship is the only worship God accepts!

Now what? What kind of sacrifices does God accept in worship?

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