Summary: The biblical account of creation is more viable than the theory of evolution.

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INTRODUCTION: A. A number of years ago, Ronald Keith Williamson was convicted of the brutal

murder of Debra Sue Carter in Oklahoma. Williamson had vigorously denied

strangling Carter and even after his conviction, he continued to strongly proclaim his


The main evidence used to convict Williamson was testimony from an expert that

had analyzed four hairs that came from the victim’s body and from other places at the

crime scene. The expert testified that the hairs were a “match” with samples from

Williamson’s hair. He spent twelve years in prison – nine of them awaiting execution.

There was one big problem – Williamson was innocent. DNA analysis found at

the crime scene established that someone else had committed the murder.

So what about the evidence that had convicted Williamson? Well, the hair from

the scene hadn’t really matched Williamson’s hair. The hair was only consistent in

some of the same properties. Their color, shape, and texture were similar.

Some legal analysts have called hair analysis “pseudo-science.” Jurors hear

impressive-sounding testimony about what appears to be scientifically valid proof and

erroneously believe that it establishes the defendant’s guilt. Paired with over-zealous

prosecutors who mischaracterize or overstate the value of hair analysis, the evidence

seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of guilty.

A federal appeals judge called the hair evidence in Williamson’s case

“scientifically unreliable.” Hair evidence has been used against eighteen death row

prisoners over the last twenty-five years and all were subsequently declared innocent.

1. Even though evolution has some pretty vigorous proponents, everything is not as it


2. The evidence and testimony may seem overwhelming but like the murder case just

mentioned, there are a lot of holes if you know where to look.

-- Michael Denton, molecular biologist: “[Evolutionary theory] is still, as it was in

Darwin’s time, a highly speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual

support and very far from that self-evident axiom some of its more aggressive

advocates would have us believe.”

B. Maybe you’ve heard about the gorilla in a zoo holding a Bible in one hand and

Darwin’s Origin of Species in the other. He looked confused, so someone asked,

“What are you doing?” The gorilla answered, “Well, I’m trying to decide if I’m my

brother’s keeper or my keeper’s brother.”

1. The debate between the theory of evolution and the biblical teaching of creation can

seem quite confusing.

2. We’re bombarded daily with the philosophy that evolution is the only credible

explanation for the existence of the universe and the life forms in it.

3. Howard Hendricks: “In the midst of a generation screaming for answers, Christians

are stuttering.”

--On this particular topic, we shouldn’t stutter. We should be crystal clear about

what we believe to the point where we can share it with others.

4. This morning, I want us to look closely into the question at hand and see if we can’t

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