Summary: Short Message on Accessing the word of God for my Middle School Class

Ok, so last week we had an amazing time of worship and we just took the entire service to be in Gods Presence. It was amazing and to some of you I know it’s what you needed for that night. That individually you needed that time just to relax and really soak in God. But the week before that we discussed “The Korean Restaurants menu, eating Korean Hot Wings, and the possibility of having someone’s Boston terrier as an appetizer.” We talked about reading a foreign menu and how

it’s difficult to ask for something when you don’t know what’s available…

We talked about being able to translate the Bible to our friends and family, and how to help them realize that they have access to what God has already taken care of they just have to order it. This week we will continue to talk about food and menus. Sorry if you did not eat before you made it to class so if you are hungry halfway through I apologize.

This week I want to talk about a different menu. This menu is one of my favorite menus, it’s absolutely wonderful. Let’s talk about the Amigos Menu! I love Amigos, I love Mexican food and I love steak nachos supreme! What is different about this week’s menu and last week’s menu is that we can kind of read this menu. There are words we understand and some words we don’t know, but we have pictures this time to help us out!

The pictures give us an example of what the food looks like if we can only partially understand the words or its there for us to get a better idea for something we may want to try out we normally wouldn’t. For example some people may want the Carne Asada…the think it looks great but you know they are still shaken up about the fact people eat dog, so they don’t know if they should order it until the read more about it in the menu. Just to make sure what animal they are having for dinner. They don’t know if they should “trust” the picture even though it looks like something they want.

Has anyone ever tried something new because of the way it looked on a menu? Or what about in a commercial?

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

It sounds totally easy to do if we were just ordering lunch at Taco Bell!!! Yes Lord, I will try the Cheesy Gordita Crunch thank you for suggesting that!! But what else has the Lord suggested you try that looks good but you don’t know if you should order? Now lets move away from the food for a second and think about this. Maybe God has suggested something and it looks amazing but part of you holds back because you don’t trust what it looks like. Maybe its not as good as it looks.

We all have moments in our walk with God where He will ask us to go out of our comfort zone in order to surprise us or bless us or move us closer to him. And like your friend that always tries the different things everywhere they eat suggestions start coming your way….

Oh you should take a few minutes to read your Bible before you go to your first class this morning. Or you should pray with your friend who is obviously hurt right at the lunch table. God will proceed to give you images in your head that are what you want but you just don’t trust enough to order off the menu. We have a suggestion from the Holy Spirit that’s who we want to be or what we want to do but we don’t trust the picture in the menu.

God is the perfect father in how He cares and loves us so why would he lie to us. Why would he tell us to try something that’s not amazing and everything we wanted. God will never break is own commandments…God will never lie to us…So why don’t we trust Gods suggestions? I wanted to say at some point to take a “chance” and trust God, but “taking a chance implies that there is an end result that doesn’t match the picture on the menu that God has given us. A chance implies that you could be unhappy if your praise life goes deeper, you would be anxious praying more, or that you would be depressed reading more of the Bible.

I have never heard a person say im so unhappy having a better relationship with God.

I have never heard a person say I regret chasing after the plans God has for me.

3 Minutes

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

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