Summary: This sermon teaches saints to worship God with a sincere and true heart.

Title: Is It Live, or Is It Memorex?

Text: John 4:1-29, 39-42

I. Natural Eyes Will Not See The Miracle!

a. V. 10 says she did not recognize Him as the Messiah.

b. Have you got natural eyes when you come to church, in your life, or do you see the Messiah? Do you see Jesus! Have you seen the MAN?

c. My friend, Jesus wants to give you living water! But too many times we want to draw water ourselves. We want to draw from the well of the flesh!

d. However, we need to draw water from the well of the supernatural! We need to draw from the Well that Jesus has! For in the Well that the Lord has, our entire spiritual needs will be met, we will never thirst again!

e. But before we get this refreshing water, we need to get our eyes off of the natural, onto the supernatural! And when you do that, all of your needs will be met! God can save your kids! God can give you a good job! Jesus can heal you of your health needs! He can do it! Amen!

II. When Christ is Revealed in Your Heart and Life there will be a Change

a. 16Jesus said to her, “Go, call your husband, and come here.” 17The woman answered and said, “I have no husband.” Jesus said to her, “You have well said, ‘I have no husband,’ 18“for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly.” 19The woman said to Him, “Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet.”

b. Jesus was letting her know who He was by speaking into her life!

c. Has He spoken into your life? Has He told you things about yourself? Have you seen Jesus to be great?

d. The woman at the well saw Jesus to be someone great

e. We always want something from the Lord when we get in trouble, but do you see Him as the Lord?

f. And then Jesus plainly told her that He was the Christ!

g. My friend, He is more than a prophet! He’s more than a Teacher; He’s more than a Preacher! He’s the Christ! The Son of God! And He is able to save your soul! He’s able to bring you through the Fire! The Flood! The Furnace! And into His marvelous light!

III. What Is Left, But True Worship?

a. She thought that the only place to worship for the Jews was in Jerusalem.

b. We will say it like this, “I can only praise God at Church.”

c. But Jesus told her that there is coming a day and that day is now, when true worshipers will worship God in Spirit and in Truth! They will worship God in the Spirit, and from a true heart! He was telling her that a religious attitude is not what God’s after, but He’s after someone who will worship Him with a life that has a heart for worship and praise!

d. To worship Him in every aspect of their life! When they’re at Wal-Mart! When they’re on the Job! When they’re at home! EVERYWHERE! IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH!

e. And if we will worship God in our lifestyles outside of the Church, it will make praise & worship at church a whole lot better!

f. SO, is your worship live, or is it Memorex? Is your praise spiritual, or is it fleshly? Is it alive, or is it dead?

g. I believe that when the priest brought a sacrifice to the alter, it wasn’t some sick, coughing lamb; but, I believe that it was a lamb that was alive and kicking! Amen!

IV. What does this mean for us?

a. It means that our lifestyles are changing! That our characters are starting to reflect the very glory of Christ!

b. Everywhere we go, in every part of our being, is the existence of praise and worship!

c. This kind of attitude is infectious! This community around us can’t help but to get infected by our praising attitudes!

d. And God is building a Church of praise and worshippers who are changing the world, because they’ve seen the Messiah! They’ve seen the Lord, High and lifted up, and because we are lifting Jesus up, He is drawing all the people around us, to HIM!

Altar Call:

Sing: "Here I Am To Worship"

Spend time in sincere praise and worship!

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