Summary: How is our relationship with God and with others

Is it well with thee?

2 Kings 4:8-36

In Mother’s arms, there is comfort.

In mother’s arms, there is love.

In mother’s arms, there is peace.

In her arms, she can heal the wounds.

In her arms, she can make the bad things go way.

In her arms, there is security.

But even in her arms, she can’t keep death out.

Is it well with you?

You can’t kid a kid!

No matter what we say or what we make our children do, they know if God is important to us.

The father says, "You better get ready the bus will be here in a minute to pick you up to take you to Sunday School." The boy asked,"Did you go to Sunday School when you were a boy?" The father replied, "Yes, I did." The boy said as he was getting dressed, "It probably won’t do me any good either!"

If God is not real in your life, you cannot construct Him in theirs.

Children learn by example.

We can’t expect our children to walk with the Lord, when we are still crawling.

Is it well with your husband?

Kids, what is their biggest fear?

Is it over population, the environment, famine, disease, nuclear war, end of the world?

No, it is this statement: "Your father and I are getting a divorce."

No security in the home.

It is still true: A family that prays together, stays together.

You can’t make your spouse come to the Lord, but you can live a life so that they can see that Jesus does make a differance.

"We are staying together for the kids." But the kids are not what brought you together, it was the love you had for each other.

Is it well with your child?

Have you been there for your child in the past, can they talk with you?

Can your child tell you their opinion without you blowing up.

Can they tell you, their future plans, without you trying to live your life through them.

Can they tell you their dreams without you crushing them.

Are you in tune, when they need to talk, when they are hurting.

Are you really listening, when they are talking.

Do you remember, what it was like to be young?

One minute thinking you had all the answers and the next minute not even knowing what the question are.

Do you remember what it was to have that first crush, first love, or that first broken heart?

What it was like to have that first pimple?

The first day of school, or that first bully?

How it was to make new friends?

Do you remember how important it was to have your parent’s at the ball game or the big school play?

Do you remember how proud you were when you gave your mom that craft you made in Sunday School.

Don’t just say; "It is well." And pass it off like everythings alright in your family.

Get it right today with God and with your family!

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