Summary: God’s passion for justice and mercy was a big part of our evangelical heritage, and ought to be part of the way we live our faith as well.

Is Justice Blindfolded? - Amos


Amazing Grace movie looks great to us – but Wilberforce at the time…

People with burdens sometimes seems to BE burdens!


People ever bother you about what you ought to do?

Some things you would honestly rather not think about?

Imported problems? You’re not the first…


Shepherd of Tekoa

Prosperous Times (for once) at first his burden sounded pretty good…

Violent Neighbors (like rights violator nations list) then Canada/US

Sins of Israel, Too – how so???

1st time Israel cities overcrowded with dispossessed peasants GAP8thC

Hoarders 3.10; cows 4.1; Bethel and sin 4.4; trample 5.5

Complacent 6.1,4

Pride of Jacob 6.8 (acquire for self, grab)

Look for the Day 5.18; despised feasts 5.21, 23

Seek and live! Hate evil, do justice (5.15) roll 5.24 Plumbline 7.7 Ripe Fruit 8.2;

Amaziah 7.10-14 – a burden. Irritant. Message not wanted.

Famine of hearing the word of the Lord 8.11 [hear less] but…

Repair and new wine 9.11,13-14

[Wilberforce ship video clip from Amazing Grace]


If… how would you respond?

What if justice is not blind? ( well, I treat everyone fairly ) Are you just?

According to Amos – mercy and justice (vv) If you don’t have A/B.

Is Amos an irritant? Could it be God speaking?

Prom couple spending vs annual household charity US something wrong


Imagine! (Evangelical.. Heritage!)

Abolition / child labor / suffrage / prison conditions / schools / orphanages / clinics poor then somehow lost momentum, but its coming back.

Matthew 25 – which will you be?

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