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Summary: Our Bible is a book , like all books your not going to get anything out of it unless you read it .

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Is my Bible a Pinto or a Viper.

Good morning every one . I have a question for us today . I want you to grab a hold of your Bible and look at it . Hold it in you hand and look at it and ask your self is this a Pinto or a Viper ? Is it a miser that is only brought out when needed or am I getting into this and getting everything out of it Father wants for me ?

Let’s examine these questions in a few minutes but first I want us to look at our Bible for a second . A Bible is a book , although to the faithful it is the breathed word of God but for a little while let’s look at it in it’s makeup and substance . The Bible is a book , it has paper pages , a binding , a outer cover sometimes made of leather or cardboard or paper , and it has a print on all the pages . It is a book . We can go to the book store and get many more books made the same way and other than the words printed inside them they are the same .

Now lets look at a Pinto and a Viper . They both are cars , both are made the same way , they both have 4 wheels , a motor , a transmission , seating for the occupants , and both serve a specific purpose . The Pinto is a gas saver , everyday driver , sedan . The Viper is a high performance , high gas user , sports car . Now both of these cars can be used for same things just one will do better on some things and the other better on others . Both depend on how you drive them and how much you get to know the limits of what they can do . I mean you wouldn’t expect to drive 20 miles into town on a gallon of gas in a Viper and you would drive in the 24 hours of LeMans race in a Pinto . Neither one of these are designed to do this type of task . And , depending on how you use your Bible , you will be the same way in your effectiveness in using the Word for your life .

Now let’s look at your Bible . It is both a Pinto and a Viper with a Caravan and Town Car thrown in . It will get you from point A to point B or from here to Heaven but depending on how you use it will make the difference on how effective it will be in your life .

A Bible is useless unless we get into it and apply what it has in it’s pages onto our life and a car is useless unless we get into it and learn how to drive it and perfect our skill for it. How we use our cars is a lot like how we use our Bibles , some are everyday drivers in normal everyday cars like the Caravan . Driving while answering cell phones , eating lunch , multitasking while going somewhere . No real attention to driving the car just moving along like everyone else . Then there are others that are misers , the Pinto , very fuel efficient but only drive the car when it is needed and although they get the most out of the car as a piece of transportation that is just enough to get them along in life . Then there is the Town Car , a luxury car . They drive this car with care careful not to dent it , not to drive to fast , to be seen in such a nice car especially when going out . It is a car that spends more time parked than driven and when driven it is driven to the finest places . Now we come to the Viper , oh what a fine sports car , one who use these are ones who want to drive this car to it’s limits , it is designed to go fast both in strait lines and on curves . These are high performance cars meant to be used , giving the driver power to win in a race , to stop and steer when upsets come onto the path of the driver . These are cars that when you drive , it is to be used and used to it’s limits. There is no radio , no distractions to take you away from the road ahead . People sometimes with plenty of practice and many hours spent behind the wheel of these Vipers , become pros and race them in competitions , and some win.

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