Summary: A unique way of retelling of the story of Hosea and Gomer.

The air was cool and crisp for it was still early on this bright spring morning. The sounds of a city beginning to stir broke through the silence. Shopkeepers opening up their shops, the bleating of the sheep and goats headed for the marketplace, and sellers shouting out trying to sell their wares. But there in the middle of the town could be heard a sound that was louder than all of these, for their in the middle of the town square, where a small crowd had already gathered could be heard the sound of the ...auctioneer.

Six shekels!! I’m bid six shekels and who will make it seven? You sir.. will you go 7? I’ve got 7 shekels and now I need 8. Eight shekels is a small price to pay for this slave woman. She is worth much more than that! Who will give 8 shekels?

The bidding seemed like it would take forever. The one selling this woman was in no hurry to end the sale...hoping to eke our every last shekel possible. The men that had gathered there looked upon the one who was now on the auction block. The seller said she was worth much more than 8 shekels, but just by looking at her one would not think so. She stood naked before them and it was obvious that she was not well taken care of. She was rather thin and frail, her ribs could be seen protruding through her scared and bruised skin. Her dark black hair was dirty and matted together in places. It had once been her pride and joy...a place for combs and ribbons, but now it was just a home for dirt and lice. How long had it been since a comb had gone through it? Her eyes told the whole story...her eyes that at one time had been so beautiful that they drove many a man to their knees in adoration. But now her eyes were empty. Her eyes were black, not from any cosmetic or make-up, but rather from fatigue and abuse. She stared blankly into the crowd of men that were bidding for her; not even concerning herself with who was bidding or even what the bid was. Yes, her eyes told it all...her empty expression made it plain that true happiness had left her long ago.

Eight shekels!! Yes, thank you sir...and now nine! Who will go nine shekels? This is still a great buy! Where will you ever find another slave woman for only nine shekels? I’ve got 8 and I need Nine...

As the bidding continued the woman thought back over her life. She had not been born a slave. No, she was born just as free as any of the ones now bidding for her. Rather she chose to be a slave...well...not exactly! Her life had been so good at one time. She remembered back to another place, another time...a time that seemed so long ago, it almost seemed like a dream. She thought back to the joy of her wedding day. For yes, this woman had had her own husband at one time. O the joy of that day. And the wedding feast...there was so much fun and laughter. The food that had been set out...why her husband had spared no expense for that meal. There was fruit and vegetables and three kinds of meat and the wine flowed freely. O how she longed for just a taste of it on this day. How long had it been since she had had a real meal?

Turn around woman and show your backside! Now you can see there are no lash marks on her back. Who will give me nine shekels? You can see she has been well disciplined. Yes nine shekels there in the back and now ten...who will give 10? This woman won’t give you any trouble...10 shekels anyone?

Yes that had been quite a wedding feast and her husband had been so good to her. He was not rich, but he did all he could to provide for her. He had been so patient and kind., Never once had a cross word come out of his lips, even when she would spend more than he thought she should on her cosmetics and fine clothing. On this day any type of clothing would have been welcome. And when the children came...her husband had been so gentle to her through the childbirth and beyond. He was a good father. As the woman thought back over these memories, she felt like she wanted to cry, but no tears would come. She had had it all. A husband who really loved her and two fine sons and a beautiful daughter. She wondered now why she wasn’t satisfied with it all.

Ten shekels...ten shekels...where will you ever find a woman for only ten shekels? Gentleman, we’ll never get to the better slaves if we don’t sell this one first. Now who will give me 10 shekels? OK 10 shekels over here and now how about eleven?

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