Summary: The urgency to do whatsoever God tells us, and to do it with all diligence.

John, chapter 2, gives us the account of the beginning of the miracles of Jesus. But within this miracle gives us a glimpse of how God works if we will obey.

There is much debate and discussion on the conversation between Jesus and Mary. I dont want to take the time to try to give my veiwpoint on this. But, what I do want to bring attention to, is this. Mary Knew Jesus, and knew him well. She raised him. Had he performed miracles in her presence before this ? Im not sure. But I believe Jesus had been able to speak to the spirit of Mary, by means of peace and divine comfort. That being said, Mary encouraged the servants to "do whatsoever he said ..."

1 Samuel 15:22 tells us "to obey is better than sacrifice..." That statement doesnt negate the need to "sacrifice", but without obedience, it means little. Many people today are leaning on what they have done, or how much they have given. And I know there are many sacrificial people. But without obedience, it wont amount to anything.

1st - Fill (John 2:7)

Jesus told the servants to fill the water pots with WATER. Keep in mind, the need was WINE, not water. And the scripture (John 2:7) tells us they filled the water pots to the BRIM. Now, i believe that our human nature is typically, to do the least amount possible. Just enough to get by. I beleive that carries over to our spiritual lives. We are trying to do as little as possible to get by. We dont have a desire to do ALL, but rather, to do as little as possible. The motivational speakers of the day will say this, " Success comes when you're willing to go above where everyone else would stop." We want heaven, but arent willing to keep communion with Christ. We want righteousness, but we dont want reproof. We want power, but we dont want to take the time in prayer. We want joy, but we dont want to take the time to worship.

(ILLUS) - My kids growing up, were like any other kids. They didn't like veggies. At least, once they got older, they decided they didn't like them. As parents we knew that. But we would put a small amount on their plate and told them they had to eat all of it. After the first bite, which was very entertaining to watch, they would ask, "is that good enough?" To which we said, "No, I told you, eat all of it." They would take a second bite and the same conversation ensued. We held to our guns ! And they eventually finished. It was necessary and good for their nutrition. They didn't think so, but we knew so. If they were going to be healthy, they needed to obey us!

Our worship, our repentance, we do a little, and ask "Lord, is that good enough?" God says, "No, you know what I have asked of you." God knows what is healthy for us

Now back to the water pots. The servants filled them to the Brim with Water. They did as he said, and left no room for improvement. In other words, they filled them the first time. They couldnt add anymore. They obeyed FULLY.

2nd - draw (John 2:8)

The servants were told to draw. And i dont believe there was much time that transpired between the time they filled the pots, to when Jesus told them to draw. When they drew, they found Wine. If I can say it this way, they found the answer to their problem. Heres the way I see it. They obeyed Jesus, and did their part. Jesus then did His Part. Praise the Lord !! We will never find, that Jesus is reluctant, or remiss, on doing His part. He meets the need if we obey. When I consider some of my times with counciling individuals, they are trying to draw, but they have not filled. You understand what im saying. They are drawing on an empty resource. If youre finding your Godly resource empty, you need to go back to the first thing. Obedience. God said first, to Fill, then to draw. Have you ever heard, "Lord, if you will help me, ill serve you." And that may be what will win a sinner to Christ. But for those of us that know the Gospel, we should say this, "I will serve you Lord, because I know you will help me"

3rd - Bear, or Give (John 2:8)

The scripture tells us that the governor "Knew not whence it was." "But the servants knew." He was about to taste the benefits of someone elses obedience. Lets understand something, God wants, or rather demands, obedience. But that obedience will not always benefit us alone. It just might be, that God is wanting to use you for someone else benefit. Someone else will get a blessing through your obedience. Someone else will get a chance at heaven, simpy because you fully obeyed God.

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