Summary: Is the blood of Christ Divine or just human? His blood will cleanse from every stain of sin.

Blood Divine

Leviticus 17:11-14

Opening with this particular text from the Mosaic law concerning blood gives a notable fact that without the blood there shall be no life. The speaking of blood in the modern day church has been classed as old fashioned, sinister, gory, and unseemly. It seems to be the incumbent passion of ever tyrant, and heretic to stamp out the blood it's influence on mankind.

The human body cannot live without blood. The body is comprised of tissues, organs, nerves, vessels, almost more minute mechanisms than the mind can conceive. Each of this exist only by the constant supply of blood. The nutrients, the anibodies, antitoxins are all transported to the various parts of the body by the blood. The absense of blood in any portion of the body will result in death. Blood provides anibodies and antitoxins that can stop bleeding and prevent infection.

Under the Mosaic Law the shedding of blood was required for the remission of sin. Bulls, hiefers, sheep, goats, pigeons, turtle doves and other animals were butchered and drained of blood to attempt to atone the sin of man. The most perfect of animals, the most spotless of lambs, the cleanest of birds could only roll those hideous tormenting sins ahead for one year. A small repreave of the haunt of sin only to revisit

the ghost of sin again in one year.

The priesthood was a fulltime butchers profession. How many millions of animals shed millions of gallons of blood and never bought atonment for one little sin. Death reigns from Adam to Moses. By one mans sin death passes upon all mankind. Oh the darkness! Oh the misrey! A world with plenty of blood, plenty of sacrifices, plenty of sin, but no remission. The passover in Egypt was escaped only by the application of the blood. On both sides of the door and above the door completely surrounding all who enter there.

Mat 1:21 -- And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call name JESUS: for he shall from their sins. How can that born of woman cleanse sin? Is there any way that a child born by a virign whose never known a man can cleanse a world from sin?

At conception the contribution of the woman contains no blood. The placenta in the womb of the mother transfers nutrients, protiens, carbohydrates, minerals into the forming child. These commodities pass freely from the mother to the developming child. The child can even excrete waste through the mothers digestive system, however not one drop of blood passes through this avenue.

The contribution made by the father provides the blood for the developing child. All of us have the blood of Adam. Sinful blood. Condeming blood. Damning blood. Jesus had not one drop of Adam'd blood. He was conceived of the Holy Ghost. His blood came from another world. It was provided by a divne source. Yes Mary nurtured the Son of God with her own body and fed him from her own breast. In all that she did for this child she did not give him his blood.

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Now after all the years of misery laced with tears and threaded by sorrow an atonement has been found. Jesus Christ shed blood that has power to forgive, remit, atone, erase, and eraticate sin!! How many sins can it cleanse from? I John 1:7 says; “it cleanseth from ALL sin.” A lamb was found that was spotless enough to cleanse every sin. Even Judas who betrayed him called his blood innocent. The devil knows it is innocent blood!! Peter called it Precious Blood!

If the body becomes septic (infected blood) there is only a 50% chance of survival for those who were priorly healthy. Only a total transfusion could save the life. Blood from the doctor or Red Cross can be contaminated. You can donate blood in Tulsa and it can be used to save a life in Japan. Over 19 centuries ago God opened a blood bank to give transfusions to those who were perishing from souls gone septic by sin. One sacrifice has saved all lives. Providing a safegauard against the infection of sin by Divine Antibodies.

Heb 10:12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.

Without the blood our mouth cannot function. The mouth and tounge are reliant upon the supply of blood. But blood has it's own mouth. Genesis 4:10 tells us that the blood of Able was crying to God. Matthew refered to Able as Righteous Able. If his blood, human blood, can disrupt the spirit world; how much more shall the Son Of God's blood cause caous in hell's kingdom! We are guilty. We are sold under sin and damned. But for the Blood!! The blood is crying we are FORGIVEN!!!!

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