Summary: It is time for the men of God to rise up.

“Is There A Man In the House?”

Text: Genesis 1:26; 2:7-9, 15-17; 3:1-9, 14-15

Ezekiel 22:23-30


The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in the political arena in 1914. However, it was not ratified until 1972. This amendment allows for the equal rights of women in the eyes of the law.

I think we would all agree that this is great. We have no problems with women having the same rights under the laws as men do. The problem is that a movement called the feminists jumped on the bandwagon and has pushed their agenda, which promotes the idea that any man who takes charge or is assertive is a chauvinist pig. If you believe that a man is supposed to be the head of the home you are considered a sexist. This message is propagated daily on television and through the media. It has permeated society and sadly I believe it has spread into the church.

I believe there is a trend towards wimpy, unassertive men in the kingdom of God and in our homes. We are scared of being labeled a chauvinist or a sexist. We are scared to take a stand in the kingdom, home, or in society. We see droves of men following the women instead of leading. I am no chauvinist. I believe women have rights and more of a role than just to stay barefoot and pregnant. I also believe that Scripture shows us that God can use women powerfully. My Grandmother is 89 years old and still pastors a church she planted. However, at the same time I believe that God has given men a specific role, job, and calling to fulfill. We have a role and a calling that must be carried out in order for us to be blessed by God. So I ask the question, “Is there a man in the house?”



Ezekiel calls for a man. The Hebrew word used here for man is “Ish” which means “Male”. He calls for a man to stand in the gap or in the breech on behalf of the nation. I believe there is still a call going out today for a man that is willing to stand in the gap on behalf of our nation, our communities, our church, and our families. GOD NEEDS A FEW GOOD MEN. He is in search of a man who will build up a hedge and hold up His holy standard. A man to hold back the tide of judgment. A man who won’t back down or tuck tail and run during the battle. A man who won’t laugh at sin. A man who has integrity and character. A man like Shamah who stood in his pea patch and defended his inheritance against those that would steal it.

When a man steps into his God-ordained and ordered place there will be revival and deliverance in our nation, communities, church and families.

We need men to stand up, set up, pay up, store up, speak up, pray up, read up, rise up, hold up and look up.

We are being called out men. In fact the word “Male” means “DESIGNATED AND MARKED FOR DISTINCTION.” Men, look at the person next to you and say, “I have been marked for distinction.” We have been designated for a purpose and a specific task. Are you willing to fulfill your role? Are you a wimp or a warrior? Will you fight or will you run? Will you step into the gap? Or will you set on the sidelines?


You must understand that the enemy also recognizes that we have been marked and designated. Therefore, there is a satanic assault on the male seed. The devil wishes to decapitate men spiritually, physically, and emotionally. “Capitate” means head. The devil wants to remove the head so that there will be no leadership and no covering. The devil is doing his very best to decapitate the head of our families. This attack has been going on since the beginning of time.

Exodus 1:11-12; 22 describes how Pharaoh gives the command to kill all the male children under 2 years of age. In the New Testament, Harod gives a similar command in an attempt to kill Jesus – kill all the male children in Bethlehem.

You may think that was just in the Bible. That isn’t going on today. Did you realize that:

3 out of 4 retarded children are boys

75% of suicide victims are men

Men are 25% more likely to be placed in a mental hospital than women

90% of violent crimes are committed by men

Men have 365% higher arrest rate than women

90%-95% of incest is committed by men

52% of babies born to black women are born out of wedlock

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