Summary: This is an illustrated sermon using clips of the old 1950’s movie Scrooge. How our past directly effects our present and future. But with Jesus Christ love, we can forget what’s behind and reach for the prize in Him.

Is there a Scrooge in you?

Intro: This morning I want to talk about a certain man, because of holding on to his past he became

Sound Crew

This is the title intro of movie

Cue for Clip 1 – “became”

Scene - Music begins and Scrooge title appear’s

Yes Scrooge - He never learn how to let go of his past

A. Israelites were like that - looking back to Egypt

1. As they were being lead to the promise land they began to murmur against Moses and wanting to go back to Egypt.

2. Being trapped in the past and not going forward in God.

B. Lot and his family had acquired much wealth in Sodom.

1. But when it came time for God to destroy the wickedness of Sodom. God said, “Don’t look back”.

2. And Lot’s wife couldn’t let go of the past and was in bondage to their wealth.

3. And because of her disobedience she turned into a pillar of salt and died.

Scene includes - Door for prop, Pastor, and Scrooge

Pastor at the Inns door talking to Scrooge why he hates Christmas and why he doesn’t go to church.

Sound Crew

Play movie clip

Clip 2 - Jacob working in room with chains on

After work one day Scrooge encounters his business partner that has past on”

Sound Crew

Play clip up to – “You have my sympathy”

Scene - Jacob talking about how he forged his chains in life

A. Co worker Jacob marely – “I wear the chain I forged in life I made it link by link, yarn by yarn. I put it on by my own free will, my own free will.”

1. We all forge our own chains in life

2. Some forge chains that keep them in bondage to Satan.

3. Chains of a uncommitted spirit

-Chains of wickedness

-Chains of being a good person, but never having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

4. Some forge chains as the Apostle Paul did as a soldier of the cross in Jesus name.

Ephes. 6:20

for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.

Sound Crew

Play clip 3 after Cue – “should”

Scene - Jacob telling Scrooge he has a chance

B. His business partner says to him “You have a chance and hope of escaping my fate”

1. Each of us have a chance to turn from our own ways and go the direction of Jesus Christ.

2. Or to continue along the same path that your taking.

I. Christmas past

A. Christmas past took him back to the bitternesses he was still hanging on to.

1. When he was born his mother died. His father never forgave him for her death.

2. Then the same thing happened to his sister that he loved. And he hated her son for it.

3. Then how he got caught up in his greed and success in life.

Sound Crew

Movie Clip 4 -

Scene - Scrooge as a young man leaving his wife

4. That made him hurt the people he was supposely in love with.

B. Christmas past came to show scrooge how his past has followed him.

1. How he was still hanging on to things which made him a wicked wretch that he was.

C. Our past directly influences our present.

1. God wants us not to dwell on our past, but to go forward.

2. That’s why God gave us He’s only begotten Son. So the chains of the past can be broken.

3. Satan wants to keep us tied to the past

Phil 3:13

Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind (past) and straining toward what is ahead,

D. Paul maintained the growth he had already achieved.

1. Too many live up and down lives. We gain some discipline and some growth, then before too long, we slip right back to where we were.

It may involve...

·lying, stealing, or cheating

·devotions or prayer

·control of thoughts and mind

·discipline of body and habits

2. Growth takes place, but then some circumstance or interruption takes place.

3. And the new man and new growth are forsaken and we slip back into being the old man, living just like we used to live.

4. But note the strong exhortation of Scripture:

Phil 13:3 Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,

5. To strain, to reach out for what is ahead.

II. Christmas present

Sound Crew

Movie clip 5

Scene - Christmas present and Scrooge talking by fireplace

A. Christmas present says, “Is your heart still unmoved towards Christmas”

1. Scrooge says, “I’m to old and beyond hope”

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