Summary: Is there any doubt that this world is falling apart, just as it was predicted to do hundreds of years ago? Is there any doubt that this world needs a Savior?

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Title: Is there any doubt?

Easter Message


Every week there is news that something tragic has happened somewhere in the world. There are shootings at schools. There are kidnappings of children from their homes. There are stabbings in local stores. People get drunk and beat up someone else, or run over someone with a car. There are earthquakes, storms, typhoons or hurricanes. Lately, we are able to say with increasing certainty that the unthinkable will happen somewhere, today.

Is there any doubt that this is true? No, there is no doubt! Today something unthinkable will happen somewhere. Just when we think we’ve seen or heard it all, something will occur, something will be uncovered, something will happen, something will arise, something will take place that goes beyond our understanding of just how wicked man has become.

Why is this so? Why does man continue to spiral downward? Why does it seem that man continues to be even more evil than last year? The answer is simple, they do not believe in God because they do not want to be held accountable. Further, there is doubt in their minds that there is a God to whom they must ultimately answer for their sin.

Is there any doubt that this world is falling apart, just as it was predicted to do hundreds of years ago? Is there any doubt that this world needs a Savior?

Our points today are:

I. Do you believe this? The world is nothing…

II. Do you believe this? The world does not matter…

III. Do you believe this? He is everything…

IV. Do you believe this? He does matter…


I. Do you believe this? The World Is Nothing…

1 John 2:17 The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.

More than 4,000 years ago man was tossed out of paradise because of lust. The account in Genesis chapter three gives us all the details of how man sought after his own desires rather than God’s. He sought after what was good in his own sight rather than what was good for his soul. What did it cost? It cost man his very soul.

Man turned to nature for his satisfaction and was rewarded with thistles and thorns. Man turned to the earth for his fulfillment and was rewarded with a fist full of dirt. The world is nothing, but man believes it holds the keys to happiness. The world is nothing, yet man believes having the world in his hands is most important.

Since man was first created, God has attempted to show man that fellowship with Him was more important than metal, wood, water, or dirt.

When man was banned from Eden, the Lord immediately demonstrated how man would be able to stand before God through offering animal sacrifices.

But even before this, God was at work reconciling man to Himself. God’s work of reconciliation with man began even before man was created. How do we know this? Because we know that God knows everything, and He knew that man would fall. Therefore He had to have a plan of reconciliation. And, that plan does not include saving the physical world. Again, the Apostle John said what?

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