Summary: Youth are blessed with many God given talents that are useful in the fight for freedom, justice and liberty.

Youth Day Message for June 11th 2006

I Samuel 17:29 “…Is there not a cause?”

1. Read the text with key emphasis

a) Everyone’s sensitivities have been challenged by the increasingly horrific assaults upon the children and youth of our community. Parents themselves who are children attempting to raise children without the benefit of a successful parenting model. Who would leave a young child with an immature youth as a caregiver?

b) While these situations are tragic and traumatizes our psyche, the more brutal assault upon our children and youth is systemic.

2. It is when societal systems marginalize our youth (generation X, at-risk children, special ed, without special resources)

a. the assault is on their minds – mentalcide

b. the assault is on their means – eliminate opportunities to earn income

c. the assault is on their manner – lifestyle choices

3. We need our youth (Red and yellow, black and white they are all precious in his sight, for he loves the little children of this world)

a. contribute their vitality

b. contribute their originality

c. contribute their dexterity

4. Gestation period too long (Jewish brother begin the adult process at age 13 – Bar Mitvah)

a. keep them on the bench too long

b. keep them as children too long

c. keep them without responsibility too long

5. Look at the text, it will explain why we need our youth

a. Because of the sin of the people and Saul (Kill all the Amalekites – spares the king Agag) – God turns the kingdom over to a youth – David. (To obey is better than sacrifice) – typology

6. Samuel goes to Jesse’s house to anoint the next King. Look at his seven sons, found none, then asks if he has another. Jesse remembers David. Jesse says he is the youngest and the smallest.

a. [The Lord tells Samuel that the Lord seeth not as man seeth: for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.]

b. Introduced to the youthful years of David

c. Talented musically – played the harp that soothe the spirit of Saul

d. Gifted spiritually – anointed by Samuel after going through his 7 brothers

e. Blessed completely – witness the evidence of God operating in your life

1) David while tending sheep had to fight a lion and a bear to keep them from taking a sheep – and God delivered him.

2) Our children have testimonies – They know God is Good and that his mercy is everlasting and endures throughout all generations.

7. But, David had been relegated to the menial task of tending sheep

a. two ways to look at it

b. you must start somewhere

c. story of auto mechanic - wanted to work on cars

d. do the task with dignity – Writings of Brother Joseph – sweep floors to God’s glory

e. when God promotes you are your promoted indeed

f. self-promotion can be self-defeating

g. toot your own horn or measure yourself by your own ruler

8. Our text finds the Israelites are in a battle with the Philistines

a. David is home tending sheep and his brothers are in the army

b. Goliath, the Philistine from Gath, is their champion (later we will find that he has brothers that cause Israel problems) challenges Israel to fight.

c. Jesse sends David with some food to feed his brothers

d. David finds them running from the enemy and afraid

e. King Saul told the Israelities that whoever would kill Goliath would receive three things:

1) great riches

2) his daughter

3) family would have to pay no taxes

f. David takes the deal

g. His brothers’ challenge him and David asks: Is there not a cause?

9. Look at the advancement of African Americans, particularly the civil rights movement. While the strategists where the adults of the community, but it weren’t until the youth got into the movement with their sit-ins (North Carolina A&T, Morgan, and other HBCU’s) that the movement picked up stream.

10. South Africa and the apartheid, Mandela and the movement needed the energy of the children of Soweto to break the back of the racist regime. It cause Libe Sifre to pen these lines,

The higher you build your barriers

The taller I become

The farther you take my rights away

The faster I will run

You can deny me

You can decide to turn your face away

No matter, because there’s

Something inside so strong

I know that I can make it

Though you’re doing me wrong, so wrong

You though that my pride was gone

On no, there’s something inside so strong.

11. A few weeks ago, A foundation I work with The Academic Achievement Award Foundation that provides incentives to students for their academic achievement held its awards ceremony at Morgan. There where 340 students recognized, over 1,500 parents and teachers in attendance. 55 of the students where 5th graders, 47 of those 5th graders attended to receive their awards, of the 47 that attended when the offer was made for those who choose, they would receive a free one year membership to the NAACP, 43 students signed up (over 90%).

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