Summary: Trusting the one God in the rising tide of polytheism

Is there only one God?


Is there only one God? Duh?!? I think you know the answer. But this question goes deeper because, church, beloved friends, we have a problem! Polytheism, is on the rise. Jordan Paper, who raised as Jew (with view there is one God), wrote a book in 2005 called “The Deities are Many: A Polytheistic Theology” which Peter Jones say is “the first systematic apologetic for polytheistic theology.” In that book Paper claims polytheism is inherent in human nature, monotheism is recent invention, and arose from one small part of the planet, and pushing mystical experiences with the gods which he claimed he has encountered. Jean Houston, counsellor of Hilary Clinton, wrote “The Passion of Isis and Osiris”, reviving the names of the ancient Egyptian gods. Dick Rauscher wrote and I quote,

The fastest growing western “church communities” are the Wiccan churches of the Celtic Pagans, the Naturalists, the Ecological fundamentalists, and those spiritual communities that are embracing the Eastern spiritual practices embedded in Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism. Interest in Mysticism and Eastern spirituality is endemic in Western culture today.

Next to us, a giant Buddhist monastery is being constructed! Yes, we are living in a time when non-Christian spirituality is on the rise in our Western world and they all say there are many gods.

There was a time in Egypt, in the time of Moses, the setting of the Exodus story, when polytheism was alive and well. Just so you get the picture look at this list of the gods of Egypt (source:

• Aken Ferryman of the Underworld

• Aker Guardian and Gatekeeper of the Underworld

• Am-Heh - Devourer of Millions

• Ament Greeter of the Dead

• Ammit Devourer of the Wicked

• Amun and Amun-Re The King of the Gods

• Anat Mother of Gods

• Andjety A precursor of Osiris

• Anqet The Embracer, Goddess of Fertility and the Nile at Aswan

• Anubis God of Embalming

• Anuke Goddess of War

• Anuket Goddess of the Nile

• Apep The Great Destroyer

• Arensnuphis Anthropomorphic Nubian Deity

• As Kindly God of the Desert

• Astarte, Warrior Goddess of Canaan

• Aten The Sun Disk and later God

• Atum The All-Father

• Auf (Efu Ra) An aspect of the sun god Ra

• Baal, God of Thunder

• Ba-Pef - The Soul

• Babi - The Dominant Male Baboon God

• Banebdjetet God of Lower Egypt

• Bast Beautiful Cat-Goddess

• Bat - Ancient Cow Goddess

• Benu (Bennu) - The Bird of Creation

• Bes Protector of Childbirth

• Dedwen - Nubian God of Resources

• Denwen - The Fiery Serpent

• The Ennead The Nine Great Osirian Gods

• Fetket - The Sun God’s Butler

• Geb God of the Earth

• Gengen Wer - The Great Honker

• Hapi God of the Nile River

• Hathor Goddess of Music and Dance

• Hatmehyt - The Fish Goddess

• Haurun, The Victorious Herdsman

• Heh and Hauhet Deities of Infinity and Eternity

• Heqet Frog Goddess

• Heret-Kau - She who is Above the Spirits

• Heryshef, Ruler of the Riverbanks

• Heset Goddess of Plenty

• Hetepes-Sekhus - An Eye of Re

• Hike God of Magic and Medicine

• Horus King of the Gods on Earth

• Hu God of the Spoken Word

• Iabet, Cleanser of Re, Personification of the East

• Ihy - The Child God

• Imhotep Lord of Science and Thought

• Ipy (Opet), A Mother of Osiris

• Isis Queen of the Gods

• Iusaas - Creator Goddess

• Kabechet Helper of Anubis

• Kek and Kauket, Deities of Darkness, Obscurity and Night

• Khenmu The Great Potter

• Kherty - Ram-headed God

• Kephri The Great Scarab

• Khonsu God of the Moon

• Maat Lady of Truth and Order

• Mafdet Goddess of Scorpions and Snakes

• Mahaf - The Ferryman

• Mahes The Lord of the Massacre

• Male Child Gods of Egypt

• Mandulis - The Lower Nubian Sun God

• Mehen Defender of the Sun Boat

• Mehet-Weret - Cow Goddess of the Sky

• Menhit Lion-headed War Goddess

• Mertseger Guardian of the Valley of the Kings

• Meskhenet - Goddess of Childbrith

• Mihos - Son of Bastet

• Min God of Fertility

• Montu, Warrior and Solar God

• Mut Grandmother of the Gods

• Nefertem Lord of the Sunrise

• Nehebkau, the God who Joined the Ka to the Body

• Nekhbet Goddess of the Power of Kings

• Neith Goddess of War and Funerals

• Nephthys Lady of the Wings

• Nun and Naunet Gods of Chaos and Water

• Nut Goddess of the Firmament

• The Ogdoad The Primordial Creation Gods

• Onuris The War God

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