Summary: Going to hell and taking someone with you!!

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Is there something worse

Than Going to Hell?

Is there something worse than going to Hell?

Is there something better than going to Heaven?

Right now you’re probably thinking what has

Blown out or short circuited in this hillbilly

preachers mind!!!

How could there be anything worse than going

To Hell???

Before you write me off listen to me for a little bit

And I’m gonna prove to you that there is something

Worse that Going to Hell!!

Then you are gonna be it total agreement with me

JEREMIAH 8:20-22

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved!

For the hurt of the daughter of my people, am I hurt;

I am black: astonishment hath taken hold on me.

Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there?

Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered??


Jeremiah is overcome with grief for his people

As the passing of a harvest season that failed to produce fruit gives despair for the availability of food, so the passing days without repentance made destruction inevitable Jeremiah was dismayed and cried out for relief for his people because their sin wounds were incurable.

Here in this passage what we see is the judgment of God and would result in no harvest


You should already know if you’re a Christian

That the harvest field is plentiful and needs laborers

Tonight Jeremiah is gonna be the comparison or the

Symbol if you will - of the Lost souls crying out

From the terrible place called Hell!!!

This crying over a lack of harvest is something that more and more farmers are saying because of changes in the weather!!

Have you ever worked a whole year on something and then in the end you have nothing to show for it

Because your crops couldn’t withstand the test of the frost or the test of the rain or the test of drought!

This is very similar to people’s lives today? when Jesus returns I fear that these lives ain’t gonna measure up to the tests!!!

The 1st VS. of our reading said

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved, is one that will undoubtedly be repeated many times in HELL by those who will weep and wail - that they passed by the opportunity to get saved and get right with God but they didn’t!!!

Summer is come, The Harvest is past and still


I think that’s what the rich man in the book of Luke was crying about - 2000 years ago and He’s still crying it today!! and He’ll still be crying it 2000 years from today!!!


And you will still ask, Preacher what is there that’s worse than going to HELL??

So what could be worse than goin to hell?

Goin to Hell and taking someone with you!

That’s what’s worse!!!!1

There was a backslided pastor who had to move out of this city because his 15 year old son had been laying out all night and hopelessly out of control

No doubt on drugs and luding throughout the city

And the former pastor was going to church about twice a year

And when he heard there was something worse than going to hell he nearly cried because he knew that not only would He go to hell but his young son also would go there!!!

I don’t want to see anybody go to hell and I certainly

Don’t want to them to take anybody with them!!

Couldn’t you just imagine hearing this Pastor’s young son crying to his dad in Hell

Daddy why didn’t you warn me about this place

Why didn’t you set a better example for me

Daddy why did you stop bringing me and Mom

To church???

If you don’t know Jesus tonight as your personal Lord and Savior think into the future for a minute

About a thousand years - This would be you speaking;

Summer is come, the harvest is past and

I’m doomed!!

And think about this

It maddens you double when you take someone

with you!!!

And you’ll be sayin – that preacher told me

O why, why didn’t I listen to him when I could’ve changed things!!!

I could be in Heaven right now

And remember the bible says

For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them!!

So listen very closely tonight

This hillbilly preacher has told you the way of righteousness!

Now its totally up to you which direction you take your soul!!!

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Kenneth Burisek

commented on Jan 25, 2007

Super job---way to go---great job kickin' that ole' devil's butt. God Bless Pastor Ken Burisek

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