Summary: In a time of Christmas pageants and packages we are faced with the question,"Is This Really Good News For all of Us Today?" I hope after today’s message you will say, "Oh Yes, this is really good news."

Many of us remember performing in a Christmas musicale at church or school. You may even remember the part you played or perhaps you remember that you forgot some of your lines. Or maybe you remember the charge you used to get on Christmas morning when you would wake up early and begin exploring the gifts under the tree to determine if Santa had been there. Or just maybe you remember a special gift that you received on one of those Christmas mornings past. How do you look at Christmas today? Can you once again look at "Christmas through the eyes of a Child?"

"Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child" is what our Christmas Series is all about. As I read from the Book of Luke Chapter 2, listen to these verses as if you are a child and hear them afresh today.

Read Luke 2:1-7

Is this Good News? Is it good news for Mary and Joseph? Sure it is! But is it good news for you today?

I. If it is to be good news it must be correct or true.

Perhaps you heard of the local newspaper that printed an article about the city council. In the headlines was printed: Half The City Council Are Crooks! After many telephone calls from city officials the paper decided to write a correction and they printed the following correction: "Half The City Council Are Not Crooks!" Local Newspapers sometimes print incorrect information. When things are incorrect they are unreliable and obviously cannot be considered good news. But the Christmas story is correct.

A) This news was brought by an Angel Luke 2:8-14

B) This good news was checked out by the shepherds.

Luke 2:15-16

Not only was this good news because it was correct but,

II. This is good news because it was CURRENT.

A. The angel suddenly appeared and spoke to the shepherds. That was current!

B. A heavenly host was all around! Again Current!

C. The Babe was found just as the angel announced.

Again this is current.

D, But it must be current for us! Jesus is just as real today as He was in that manger 2000 years ago.

III. To Be good news it must be COMMON.

A. Not common ordinary news for this was uncommon

1. A Virgin having a baby

2. A king born in a stable

B. No it is not that the event was common but the event was for the common people. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men.

IV. To be good news it must be CORRECT, CURRENT, COMMON, and finally, This good news must be communicated.

A. Like 2:17-20

B. It must be communicated by us today. We need to tell it to our culture, our generation and the generation to come. We need to make the message clear. Not like the busy Christmas shopping wife who left a brief not to her husband "Thaw Turkey" He wrote back, "I thaw one too!" No, our communication must be clear.

1. I tell new mom’s and Dad’s that their new little baby will literally effect every part of their life. The Babe born that 1st Christmas morning is like that. When you receive him by faith He will literally change your entire life. You will not be able to be quiet about how Jesus has changed your life.

2. You communicate it with your lifestyle.

V. You might be saying, "So What?" I know the Bible says Jesus was born but what is that to me?

1. If it was truth for the Shepherds, this birth is still truth today. There are five truths that you can count on. Write them down!

a. All have sinned and come short of the glory of GOd.

b. All are loved (John 3:16)

c. All can be saved

d. All will be judged

e. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord.

2. It is truth but you must believe it!

3. It is truth and if you believe it, it will impact your life.

Is this gift Good News for You? Yes it is. And if you believe it, it will change your life. Let’s pray...

Father in heaven this is good news that we heard fresh today. During the business of this season I pray that we will slow down to see our Savior in a manger. I pray that we will get beyond the tinsel and glitter and presents to understand the greates gift, the presence of God. I pray that the free gift will be examined by many this Christmas and Lord, their lives changed. In the quietness of this moment speak to our hearts Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

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