Summary: This message is about the present day proliferation in the body of Christ of so called prophets

From the above scripture you can see Apostle Paul’s stands against familiar spirits. Is high time for us to wake up to the challenges of our time. Though there may be casualties in the process but we can’t stand aloof and see the devil reducing the intergrity of God’s word, the efficacy of the blood of Jesus because divine altars of God has been desecrated by familiar spirits all in the name of “ prophets and prophecies”. Remember God is raising a mighty army in these end times. The days of unconditional permissiveness is over now is time for Confrontational Love. The days of “Sloppy Agape” and “Cheap grace” are over. We need to rise as a mighty army. Consider when Jesus went into the temple with whip in his hands. Wow, that’s love based on divine grace at work! Where are the Elijahs of God who will boldly challenge the prophets of Baal?

We are going to quickly look into what Familiar Spirit is all about? When someone is having a spirit of divination, he /she is possessed with familiar spirit. Acts 16:16 tells us of young girl who has the spirit of divination. In the original Greek the word ‘divination’ comes from the word PUTHON which is also translated python. So in a nutshell she was operating with the spirit of python – Snake Spirit. She possessed the satanic ability to charm her victims until she and the spirit possessing her could take control of their minds. Take note of her words in Acts 16: 17, “The same followed Paul and us, and cried saying, these men were servants of the most High God, which shows unto us the way of salvation”. She was giving clear word of knowledge most “familiar spirits prophets” in the church will do. To give you a clearer understanding of what we have at hand, let me quickly explain to you how familiar spirits operate.

The word “familiar” is derived basically from the same Latin word used for FAMILY and it is applied to that which is known through constant association especially with reference to persons. A familiar spirit is an evil spirit that has managed to gain entrance into the family line. The familiar spirit will stay with the bloodline or the family tree until the lineage dies out or they are cast out. They are spirits assigned by Satan to families. They are spirits that are familiar to a person, a thing, a place. If they are cast out from one family they will seek another family or stay inside pets maintained by the original family especially cats & dogs. The word familiar spirits is mentioned about sixteen times in the Bible. (Deuteronomy 18: 10 – 12, I Samuel 28: 8 – 9).

This note is not actually to totally address the issue of familiar spirits but to describe the problem we have in hand in the Body of Christ (for more details visit

Let’s look at the modus operandi of the familiar spirits and closely see the operations of these modern day “familiar spirits prophets”. Take note that am not trying to be judgemental but seeking to point out the ills around us in the prophetic ministry – so we must WATCH OUT!

Satan will usually assign one of his familiar spirits to an individual or family. The duty of such spirit to collect every intimate and detailed information of that individual and store them in a spiritual file and those files are been referred to as Akhastic records in metaphysical parlance.

One fact I want to abreast you with is a familiar spirit on assignment does not necessarily take possession of his victim. He operates in the spirit world as an intimate servant on behalf of his employer. He possesses many supernatural abilities and all are used for deceptive purposes. And since, he has the advantage of operating in the spirit world invisible. He can remain undetected by natural means.

Operating in this invisible role, he can observe his victim day & night, at work, play, school, alone and accompanied and be able to learn the most intimate details of that person’s life.

Within his file, he collects all sorts of information comprising of: talents, resources, friends, neighbours, enemies, likes, dislikes, habits, mental abilities, educational abilities and reactions and responses to many different situation both good and ugly. He literally must get to know the person from A to Z.

And over a given time he learns to know how his victim will respond to many kinds of circumstances & situations. And through the power of suggestion, he can actually determine the thought pattern of the victim. The truth is that Satan cannot read your mind, only the Almighty God can. Satan’s strategy is only to guess about your thoughts based on his awareness of your previous `lifestyle and response to power–of–suggestion.

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Amaka Unamba

commented on Mar 29, 2017

Thank you so much for this rich content. I actually just received a message from one of my sisters telling me of one pastor my in-law visited.This Pastor went on to tell him that someone was going to die in my family and that a relative was responsible for that. The pastor told her an issue that going on the family which was very true. Meanwhile, The lord had shown me several months back, in a dream the intention of the enemy. To cause death in the family. But when this "Pastor" went on to say my Dad should come so he would pray for him and that one or more may die in the family and that he should get some sand from the house. I just thought hmmm Familiar Spirit. First One thing I know that does not correspond to scripture is that It is never God's intention for people to die prematuredly. Pastors or "prophet" are there to give the will of of God. They may warn of impending danger. Familiar spirits may have accurate knowledge of the past but they never know the future. They will never reveal what God wants or will. I immediately started praying against any plans of the wicked, because that gave me a clue of what the devil wanted. I also know from the word of God and from listening John paul Jackson, how to flip the Enemy's plans. I just have to speak and remind God of His word concerning my family, my parents and household. Another strategy of these familiar Spirits is to say someone related to you was responsible for what was happening. Now I am not saying that does not happen, but Jesus never revealed anything of such. we have a tendency pay back evil or hold a grudge against the person (This is never God's method). If God lets you know in prayer or in a dream, He expects you to counter-act with prayer and show the person love. If a "prophet" tells me a certain person was responsible for a mishap, I just know that he may be able to receive spiritual information (whether from God or the devil) but was not definitely mature in proclaiming that if it is from God. Thank you so much for this.

Ify Adora

commented on Mar 27, 2018

Hi I have read all that is written about familiar spirit but how can one disassociate from them. Any form of special prayer to be done or something?

Jerome Mcdonald

commented on May 15, 2018

I am constantly being attacked by demonic angels but I found the best weapon to use is the word. They try to DECEIVE by getting you to believe that divination is not evil and but I expose their lies And resist futile foolish ways of trying oppress Me by standing firm in beleif.

Tchinonso Ambassador

commented on Nov 6, 2018

I'm edified reading through this nice piece. Thanks Rev. Can't familiar spirits take possession of a close relative and uses him/her to manipulate those around him/her? In other words, what may be considered as household enemies!

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