Summary: Matthew’s quotation of Hosea is extremely helpful for interpreting Biblical prophecy. God’s promises to the nation of Israel have found their fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ.

- The first time I read our text for today several years ago, “Out of Egypt I called my son” I thought no big deal. That makes sense, Jesus is God’s son. It makes perfect sense.

- Then I started to think about it some more – it says that this happened to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet and I checked the cross reference in my Bible. This is actually a quotation from Hosea 11:1 referencing Exodus 4:22-23 where Moses

- In Exodus 4, God is prepping Moses before He sends him to Pharaoh and in verse 22, God tells Moses to say to Pharaoh to let His son go

- It is kind of interesting that God would refer to a collective entity as an individual

- People don’t normally go around referring to a plural as a singular

- Although we do have it in our culture where a plural and a singular are called the same thing – deer, fish

- However, there is more going on here and it has more to do with our text for today than about what happened back then {PAUSE}

- Has anyone ever read any of the books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins? Has anyone read any of the books in the “Left Behind” series?

- The series of books has really taken the world by storm

- It is intended to be historical fiction but some people believe that it will really happen exactly as described in the books

- I believe they did more than take poetic license, they flat out told the story wrong.

- First, I’d like to expose you to the different views of eschatology or the study of the end times

- There are some great schematics of the end times views that I found online at

- I’m going to spend some time explaining and contrasting the different views

- Dispensational Premillennialism is the most prominent American view of eschatology right now

- However, it has really just come to the fore in the last 100 years. There were many postmillennialsists who thought that we were perhaps living in the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ until the first and second world wars shattered those dreams. Cyrus Scofield came on the scene with his Scofield’s study bible in 1909 which spoke about the gap between creation and the final judgement that contained seven eras or dispensations in which God dealt with mankind.

- The two premillenial views hold strongly to the belief in the rapture

- that Christians will be taken up to heaven - before the tribulation

- One of the proof texts is Matthew 24:40-41 where it says that two men will be in the field, one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding, one will be taken and the other left. It is assumed that the one taken is the believer. I believe that it is the other way around. Everyone one of Jesus’ parables about the end of the world speaks about the unfaithful servant being thrown out into the darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Hence, the one who is left is the believer.

- In addition, God speaks about the end of the world in Isaiah 11:1-9 speaks about the end of the world in terms of the Garden of Eden. Also, in Revelation 21, John speaks about the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven to earth. At the end of time, God will restore the Garden of Eden on earth. {PAUSE}

- Have you ever had an instructor for a course who was born and raised in an eastern culture?

- Did they teach differently than your western instructors?

- I had two professors in seminary who were easterners. One was from India and the other from Korea.

- Westerners are all about the facts – don’t bore us with the details – just tell us what we need to know

- When we would ask questions or have a lecture on a specific topic from our eastern instructors it was maddening for me. I could not follow their thought progression. There seemed to be little rhyme or reason to the discussion. They seemed to be talking around the issue. It is because they were talking around the issue. That is how many easterners teach. They don’t tell you the answer. They talk about the issue and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

- Do you read prose the same as you read poetry? Would you read Shakespeare the same way you read Charles Dickens?

- The book of Revelation is a genre of literature that we don’t find anymore today but was fairly common in 1st century Israel. It is called apocalyptic literature.

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