Summary: When we are given direction to move and follow God, are we willing to step out and trust even though we have NO IDEA of the future? Naomi asked Ruth to step out in faith, and her response demonstrates clearly for us how we should respond to God.

It is a Matter of Trust

Ruth 3:1-5


- So far we’ve seen a very interesting story develop in Ruth

-- We know there was a great famine and so Elimelek has moved his family

-- While they were in Moab, 3 out of 4 people have died in this family

- After, Naomi returns home and Ruth makes three promises to Naomi:

-- Where you go I will go and where you stay I will stay (Commitment)

-- Your people will be my people; your God will be my God (Public profession)

-- Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried (A promise to honor)

- Ruth then goes to look for work and finds favor in a field of Boaz

-- Boaz is taken with her … but as a guardian and provider for her

- Boaz’s response to Ruth is one of great grace and mercy

-- I’ve heard about what you did for your M-I-L

-- I’ve heard that you’ve left your land to come here; leaving everything

-- And now, here you are working to provide for Naomi among strangers

- Naomi displays some incredible excitement for who Boaz is … why?

-- He is their “go-el” (one who literally REDEEMS)

-- Boaz has become their “kinsman-redeemer” which is vital for them

-- In OT times, this would mean that he would assume the family responsibility

-- He would become the provider, the protector, and the overseer of them

- IMP: The focus is NOT the budding relationship with Boaz and Ruth

-- Nor is it even that Naomi rejoices in what God is doing for her family …

- The focus is: What GOD is doing, and has done, and WILL do!

-- Any other focus is on “self” or “me, me, and me” … and we lose sight of Him

- Read Ruth 3:1-5

∆ Point 1 – Planning a Future

- Remember, Ruth was invited to work the entire harvest season

-- So, where we are now is two months later when the season is about over

-- And now, Naomi has a situation developing which she knows needs action

- It is not a sinister issue, nor anything of anytime of perverted intentions

-- It is simply a matter of necessity that Naomi sees for Ruth

- In v1, we see what Naomi is thinking, and how she reveals it to Ruth

-- “My daughter” – a term of endearment and meant in love/honor

-- “I must find” – again she sees herself as a mother and a caregiver

-- “Where you will be provided for” – She is older, and cannot go on forever

- In essence, “Ruth, it is time to stop the mourning period and move on.”

-- Re: The reason she is with Naomi is because of Naomi’s son’s death

-- APP: She felt obligated and committed to staying with her until death

- Boaz (v2), Naomi continues, is a kinsman of ours (very important)

-- Boaz is capable of providing, and his kinsman-ship extends to Ruth as well

-- This means, he can be a man who provides for her and gives her a future

- Ruth receives some well-timed advice from Naomi that “it is time”

-- Tonight, Boaz will be winnowing the barley and you need to take action

-- Therefore, we need to take action and push forward with helping you

- It is time for you to do four things in order that Boaz might see you (v3)

- 1) Be attractive: Take a bath and put on some perfume; mourning is over

-- You’ve been in mourning for a long time now; rightfully so

-- However, that time is passed and it is now time for you to have a life

-- Note: Perhaps it is b/c of this that Boaz never really took an interest

-- APP: Our of respect, he knew she was in mourning so he never pursued

- 2) Be attentive: Pay attention to where Boaz finally rests for the evening

-- Boaz, being the boss, would not have slept with everyone else (v4)

-- Ruth would not have had to tip-toe across lots of people to reach him

-- Naomi says, pay attention to where he lays down so you can go to him

- 3) Be assertive: Go and uncover his feet and lie down at his feet

-- Naomi is asking Ruth to take a tremendous leap of faith here

-- “Go uncover this man’s feet and then wait for further instructions”

-- Ruth was being told to approach him in humility, as a servant

-- Go and present yourself as a servant, in honor and submission

- NOTE: This is not a sexually deviant act, but one of great grace/service

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