Summary: Part two of It Is series. Gods completed work of creation, Salvation, and Revelation

It is finished. Genesis 1:31 – 2:1, John 19:30, Revelation 22:18 – 21

The second installment of the miniseries “It is”.

1. It is written – the proof of God’s word.

2. It is finished – the power of God’s word.

3. It is I – the person of God’s word.

In the first part of our series we established the authority and proof that the word of God is valid and true.

Many throughout history have tried their best to devalue, discredit, dispute, and even destroy the truth of God’s word, but because it is true, even the heretical hammers of sceptics, atheist and agnostics have failed miserably.

If we do not agree that God’s word is truth, that it is the inerrant, infallible, and inspired word of God, then you are about to be theologically and doctrinally challenged and likely to be left very confused.

I am going to show you the power of God’s word, and how God is willing and able to complete what he has started in the world, in His church, and in you.

This is a powerful proposition as well as a life changing proclaimation.

The phrase “it is finished” relays to us that something has been completed, concluded, accomplished, fulfilled, or perfected. There is nothing left to add to it.

That very thought flies in the face of modern culture, cultural Christianity, and especially naturalism.

3 specific biblical truths (evidence) that reveal God’s power.

God is sovereign and providential in his relationship with man.

1. The completed work of creation.

2. The completed work of salvation.

3. The completed work of Revelation.

1. The completed work of creation. Genesis 1:31 – 2:1

Have you ever wondered why God even began this project?

He had all of heaven, angels and worship with no equal.

But man was not created as an experiment, but to have an experience with God.

Man was created for fellowship/communion with God.

Now we need a place separate from heaven to exist in order to be different of all the created servers and worshipers of heaven.

Man was made in the image of God as a spiritual being (God is Spirit- John 24:4).

Man was also given a physical nature that would require a place to inhabit.

Fellowship with God doesn’t make us equal to God or gods but it allows us an experience with him that neither the Angels nor the created beings of heaven could share.

And so, “In the beginning” not “and then”, because God had an eternal plan, God created.

God created from nothing what we see, have, and enjoy today with simply the power and authority of his divine.

He created the earth where there was no form and light where there was no light.

Land, sea and the heavens (our sky/atmosphere – not his home), plant life, sun moon and stars (Cosmos- note they did not already exist), sea creatures, birds, beast of the earth, and man.

God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was “very good”.

“Very good” means no need for evolutionary assistance.

(2:1) “were finished” – completed, accomplished, fulfilled, and perfected.

Darwin’s defunct theory – Darwin himself refuted evolution.

God has created such a finely tuned Eco system that animals and plants may only slightly adapt to their specific environments, but none have ever change their genetic makeup or morphed into another creature (not even close).

The laws of nature (set in place by God from the beginning) still govern life in both the plant and animal kingdoms.

There are only “missing links” of theory – where are the half species to connect the evolutionary chart? There are none- they don’t exist!

Only God could finish creation because only God could start it.

It is created from “nothing”. Not two random Atoms who crashed into each other in the waste land of space.

There were no atoms and there was no space.

God didn’t leave out any details.

He granted all that the earth would need and all that man would need, and every creature He provided for.

God not only created this beautiful earth and the crown jewel of creation (mankind), he did it in a short time and in great detail.

Now I am about to really upset some people here but that’s ok. You can have all the theory and science you want to believe, but your theory in science are constantly changing. I’m going to trust the word of God who has not changed and will not change.

Having already addressed evolution and naturalism, let’s look at the problems with “millions of years of Earth” and the “gap” and "gap-ruin" theories.

(1: 5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31) “so the evening and the morning were”.

In God’s creation process the Bible says that on the first day he created the earth and light.

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