Summary: This sermon examines the idea that it is "Time" we as Christians stop doing a few things and start doing others.

Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Solomon – The wisest man to ever live is making the point in this passage of Scripture that Timing is Important. That “there is an appropriate time for everything under the sun.”

Introduction: Of course we know Soloman was right. Timing is important! In fact some people would argue that timing is everything.

Lora is playing fast pitch softball this year and one of the things I’ve noticed is that most of the girls haven’t quite got their timing down yet. They either swing too early or too late, and so consequently they hit fowl balls or don’t hit the ball at all.

Timing is also critical when it comes to Farming. If you plant too early your crops can be damaged by freezing temperatures, which many farmers were reminded of this year. But on the other hand, if you wait too long to plant, then you run the risk of not having adequate moisture for the crops to grow and mature.

Timing is also important when it comes to releasing a new book or movie, which is why the producers of the film “The Nativity” released it during the Christmas season instead of during the Summer.

Timing is even important when it comes to our relationships. Guys you want to wait until the time is right to ‘pop the question’ and ask that special girl to marry you.

Politicians also want to wait until they sense the time is right to introduce a bill or announce that they are running for a specific office. I saw an interview with former Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson the other day in which he said that he sensed the time may be right for him to consider running for President, although he has not yet officially entered the race.

Timing is critical when it comes to launching the Space Shuttle. It is sometimes referred to as a “launch window.” A launch window is the precise period of time, ranging from minutes to hours, within which a launch must occur for the Space Shuttle to be positioned in the proper orbit.

Timing is crucial when someone is having a heart attack or stroke. Medical experts stress that the quicker someone who is experiencing a heart attack or stroke can get to the hospital and receive treatment their chances of survival are much better. Cardiologists agree that if a patient is seen in the first hour of a heart attack or stroke, the patient has a much greater chance of not only surviving, but limiting the damage that can be caused by the heart attack or stroke.

It stands to reason then that Timing is important in the Christian realm as well.

In Galatians 4:4, The Apostle Paul tells us that Jesus came to earth in the fullness of time.

In other words, when the time was right, when everything was perfect, when all of the prophecies concerning His birth had been fulfilled, that was when God sent Him to earth to be born of a virgin.

God’s Timing is impeccable. Do you remember the story of the Woman at the Well? That story is a good example of the perfect timing of God. According to the Bible Jesus arrived at the well about the sixth hour, which is 12:00 o’clock (noon) our time. Most women went to the well at daylight or very early in the day so it wouldn’t be so hot. But Jesus knew that a certain Samaritan woman who had a spiritual need would be there at the sixth hour, and so that’s when he arrived. He met her need, and she in turn introduced him to her friends and neighbors.

In Mark 1:15 Jesus said, “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

In this passage of Scripture Jesus is telling those who were listening to Him preach that the TIME to Repent was at Hand, that they shouldn’t put it off any longer. There’s no time like the present to get your life right with God. He brought you here today, to hear this message so why not submit to his will today.

Of course the Bible also says that Christ will not return until the TIME is right. Jesus was discussing this with His disciples when He said…

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Just as it was with His birth, Jesus will not return again until the TIME is right, until all of the things that must take place have taken place.

Yet Biblical scholars and prophecy experts much smarter than I am are saying that the TIME for His return is much closer than any of us realize.

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