Summary: A message addressing the reality of hell.

It Makes No Sense!

A Message on Hell

1. As real as the Bible’s teaching on Heaven is, is

its teachings on Hell.

It is not a popular subject, and not a popular place.

It is as negative a teaching as found in Scripture,

and as emphatic as any truth in the Bible.

2. The Bible says Hell is a literal place, and states

clearly that a man will spend eternity in Heaven or

Hell, without exception.

3. The Bible teaches Hell, is a place of torment and

punishment for sin.

4. Many cults and false teachers have tried to water

down what the Bible says about Hell, or have taught

it does not exist. They teach:

Jehovah Witnesses’ - Man is annihilated. On eternal


Roman Catholic’s - Hell or Purgatory only is temporary.

There you pay for your individual sins that one did not do

penance for while on earth. Prayers for the death, by the

living help one get out quicker.

Oriental religions - There is no hell, only reincarnation. If

you do good works you are reincarnated to a better state. If

no one is reincarnated in some not to be desired form. Karma

is the ultimate goal, where you become one with the universe.

Mormons (LDS) - Teach a second change after death. A

living person is baptized in proxy for someone who is dead.

That allows the Mormon missionaries to go and explain the

Mormon Gospel to the deceased person. If that person

accepts the Mormon Gospel, then they begin the process of

exaltation, with all the necessary works being done in their

temples by living people.

5. Statements made about Hell:

a. Some say the teaching of hell is unreasonable.

Ought sin not be punished?? A man brutally

murders over two girls, yet many says he should not

be punished? Are you saying man should not have

to take responsibility for his actions?

Are you saying that the person who has become so

degenerate he can commit horrible crimes should

allowed to live, and continue to be a burden to the rest

of society?

b. Some say then, we should punish but only to reform?

Say three men murder an entire family and rob them.

They are caught several weeks later.

One criminal, sobbing confessing he took part in the

murders, cries "I’m so sorry, its haunting me night

and day, its killing me, I’ll never do it again."

Should he be punished? He is seems to be reformed!

It is doubtful he would ever kill again. Shall he be

turned loose because he claims to be reformed.

Second criminal, is such a tenderhearted fellow, after

only a month in prison, he is thoroughly reformed and

has made up his mind never to do it again. Should he

be turned loose?

Third criminal, is a harden, criminal, the more you

punish him, the harder he gets. Should he not be

punished because it will only make him worse?

The answer in each case is that they each must

suffer punishment for the crimes they did.

6. Some say, they do not believe in a God of wrath.

God is love, and He could not let men suffer in hell

for eternity for their sin.

a. Those who say this do not understand one important


Man is by nature a sinner. He has a sinful nature

and will sin!

READ: Romans 1:18-32....wickedness of man

I Cor. 2:14...the natural man does not

receive the things of God they are foolishness

to him.

Romans 5:12, Wherefore by one man sin entered

into the world, and death by sin.

Rev. 20:6, 14, tells us the judgment and

eternal separation in Hell, is the second

death, and the death spoken of here.

b. A man can only lose the old carnal nature to sin

if he trusts in Christ, and God gives him a new


Jesus said, to Nicodemus, "you must be born again"

"a man cannot see the kingdom of heaven unless he

is born again"

That simply means, that no sinner, will enter heaven

without first receiving the new birth!

In Titus 3:3-7, You see every child of God was once

a sinner!!

Jesus said, he came into the world, not to bring the

righteous to repentance, but to save sinners!!!!

Folks, the only way to see heaven, and escape hell

is to trust in Jesus Christ, as ones Lord and Savior.

Only Christ, can give you the new nature. Only

Christ, can wash away your sin and declare you

righteous, and free of any guilt or penalty of


c. Heaven is a pure place, where there is no sin. To

let one unregenerate sinner into heaven would spoil


You see, to know and take the things of God, one

must have received the nature of God. The sinner

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