Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Friend, never feel that God has abandoned you, He would come at the right moment! His timing is impeccable!

They knew it was the Lord!

John 21:12”…Now none of the disciples dared ask him, "Who are you?" They knew it was the Lord.”

I feel choked up with emotions already before I could type this message! Call me crazy if you will, but you would never know what it is to ‘acknowledge God’ in your life, unless you live like walking on a tight rope!

Imagine the feelings of the disciples, their beloved Master Jesus was not there physically anymore with them, they were surrounded with enemies who would hound them any moment, their faith level was low, yet to understand the full scenario – it was now that the Messiah meets them on the shore! Awesome! When the guys were exhausted after a whole night of failure, Jesus shows up and does a miracle! The disciples saw 153 large fishes flapping and jumping! The disciples knew it was the Lord! Friend, it was not about the large fishes alone, it was the voice that called them, ‘"Come and have breakfast!” Don’t quit yet! He would come right on time!

It was a day before my birthday and I was in a different town away from my family and since it was Sunday, I was wondering which church should I go! Around that time, I was going through severe problems in every area of my life and ministry; however, my cousin did a small spade work and took me to a close-by church, the moment I walked in I could feel the presence of God! When the worship leader walked in and started worshiping, the Lord was addressing every situation in my life through the songs! It was a gorgeous moment of encounter with my Lord! Only I knew it was the Lord!

Friend, never feel that God has abandoned you, He would come at the right moment! His timing is impeccable! I know and I know that He cares for you! Do not be insensitive to the presence of God in your life! Feel Him! Touch Him! Experience Him, no matter how bad the situation may be! Let not your hearts be hardened to the touch of God! Separate time for personal communion with the Lord without which you would never be able to survive! Caveat! There were times, I would keep my ears plugged with the head set, hearing either a nice gospel song or sermon just to keep in touch with my Lord during times of severe crisis! Do not be idle!

When we were running helter-skelter to obtain ‘permit’ for our Abide School, the humiliation, agony, pain, fatigue and anxiety that we faced were immeasurable! Along with my husband, I would visit the Government office and wait from morning 10 am to evening 3 pm, we would pack our food and eat our lunch in the car – this was an ongoing process for many months. Despite this, the process was dragging and we could see no light! One day vexed and frustrated, I was watching a fiery message of a preacher, when suddenly he turned in the direction of the screen, looked directly at me and said, ’who are they to give ‘permit’ I would give you says the Lord!’ Only I knew it was the Lord! Shortly after that we received Government permit for our Abide School! (Click http://abideschool.wordpress.com/ to view ABIDE SCHOOL!)

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