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Summary: I personally believe that the Bible teaches that our actions do have an affect upon us and I believe that our actions also affects what people see and think about the larger Christian community.


JOSHUA 7: 1-26.

I have noticed that sometimes we like to use short phrases to give people a quick answer to their question. I was talking to a young man at work and I said you have big shoulders, meaning that he could deal with his problem.

A couple other saying are you don’t have a leg to stand on. Sometime we may have said not much we can do about that. Sometime the phrase we say may actually make a statement about whether or not we believe in Jesus Christ. You may have said it or you may have heard someone say it to you or someone else, just have faith in the Lord. I wonder if sometimes when we say just have faith in the Lord if we believe the people we are saying that to actually can conquer their difficult with a little faith in the Lord. When someone makes a statement like that does their lifestyle say that they are living their Christian life by faith in Jesus Christ? The thing about our faith is that one has to use their faith consistently for their faith to grow. I Wonder how many Christians don’t have faith in the Lord that they should have simply because they aren’t exercising their faith.

You may remember the situation that got President Bill Clinton in trouble. Do you remember what the president answer was? What the president said soon became the number one saying in the nation. The president said: It is nobody’s business but mine.

What is interesting is that before the president made that statement the White House wanted to know if the American public would accept it. So they took a poll of the people to find out. The answers to their pole surprised everyone because it showed the White House two things.

1. That the American people believed that what the president did personally was nobody’s business but his own.

2. The people also believed that what the president believe or how he acted would have no impact on his performance as a leader.

In order words they felt that it didn’t matter if the president lied or if he was having an affair.

I personally believe that the Bible teaches that our actions do have an affect upon us and I believe that our actions also affects what people see and think about the larger Christian community.

According to Joshua 6:19. There were some items that the Lord has put under a band. The people were told that they couldn’t take them. As one reads the instructions from the Lord, one could ask the question what is the problem. The instructions are very clear and nobody should have any problem understanding them yet someone did.

TRUTH # 1. The simplest of things can cause the most problems.

Have you noticed that sometimes it is the simplest of things that seems to give us the most difficulties?

The reason for this is because we look at as being so small that there is no way it can affect our lives.

God knows that sometimes those simple things can contaminate the lives of his people and they can cause his people to compromise the Standard of God.

There have been times when people have said to me, I didn’t think anybody would find out. So I ask them to tell me what happened. What happens was that they had compromise the standard of the Lord by lying or doing something that they shouldn’t off. At the time they felt that no one was watching or they wouldn’t get caught. I know I have told you about the treasurer who stole over $10,000. When I talked to her she told me that she didn’t think I would ever find out.

Numbers 32:23. But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the Lord, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.

There was a evangelist who was asked to speak in a small country church. His first secession was on Saturday Morning, so on Friday evening he borrowed the pastor’s car and drove to the mall in the city to spend a couple of hours. Here he was in a strange city and the only person he knew was the pastor of the small church where he was staying which just happen to be hours away from the mall and who didn’t have a car. Now you would think that he would be pretty safe. Well as he was buying a cone ice cream someone comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. When he turns around and there is a woman that he had gone to school with 11 years before. I remember someone who made a comment about something that happen; they said I can’t believe they did that in front of God and everybody. What I find interesting is that a lot of people seem to think that the Lord can’t see them when they are doing something wrong.

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