Summary: Using Gods wisdom to make God honouring and fulfilling marital choices

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Topic: It's a Good Thing....1

Pro 18:22 says;

"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD".

Note 3 - simple thoughts as we take this marital journey:

(a)- love & marriage were designed to add colour to life!

(b)- when what is meant 4 good, is not working out good, somebody may be working it wrongly!

- you can do what you know & what you don't know will still undo you!

Pro 14:1 says;

"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands".

(c)- a little adjustment in approach can sponsor a major breakthrough in marriage!

The AIM of this SERIES = help you to make your marital journey a testimony!

1st Week.... Dealing with "The Power of Love"

1st Service: I am or am I in love?

2nd Service: why some good people don't get the right people.

3rd Service: using courtship to set the marriage pattern.

4th Service: sometimes you just have to walk away.

1st Service: I AM OR AM I IN LOVE?

- love places another persons heart @ the centre of your heart!

Songs 8:6-7(NLT)

- but marriage goes beyond the feeling of love; marriage is about the covenant of love!

How do you know if this "love" thing will last?

Note 3 things to take home:

1. If it doesn't wow you, it's not Gods will!

- a lifetime is a long time & only good quality can qualify!

- if it is packaged 4u; it will be perfect in your eyes!

2. If your visions differ, you will suffer division!

- it's not everything you like that you can live with!

- Incompatibility in marriage is rooted in conflicting interests!

3. If it is of God, it cannot be ungodly!

- any passion that provokes God was not generated by grace!

- nothing that defiles is divine!

What do you do?

- pray this simple prayer: Lord I surrender my heart to you = lead it to where it will find rest!

- make a commitment to yourself to make your 1 choice your best choice!


- marital decisions are destiny determining decisions!

- the wrong foundational decision will affect your life's fundamental direction!

- a person can be very sincere & be sincerely wrong!

Note: 1 Sam 16:6-7(CEV)

Why do people make regrettable marital decisions?

Note 3 things to take home:

1. If you choose only by the natural; the unnatural will mess up your choice!

- you can have whatever you want, if you want it desperately enough to fight 4 it!

- but then, you can get what you want and not want what you get!

Pro 31:30(CEV)

- marital choice is not about the best option: it is about the right portion!

Pro 19:14(GNT)

2. If you allow your heart to overrule your head; your passion will overturn your purpose!

Jer 17:9

- your heart can hinder your discernment!

- when passion is not properly managed, it can poison perspective!

- you engage with the heart; but you examine with the head!

In 1 Thess 5:21 says;

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good".

- you must use both your heart & your head!

What do you check?

- commitment to God

- character content

- course of destiny

3. If you don't resist strange forces; you will be forced into strange decisions!

There are 3 evil parties you must deal with in marriage:

- well intentioned but misguided family & friends!

- manipulative prophets & spiritual confusionists!

- demonic bondages & immoral addictions!

How do you get it right?

- ask God 4 guidance!

- after you've prayed; look into your own spirit 4 discernment!


- courtship is critical to the foundation of any marriage!

- when you get it right @ the beginning, if things go wrong later, it will be easier to right them!

Lk 14:28-30

- when unforeseen circumstances stop you, it's called fate but when circumstances you can foresee stops you, it's called foolishness!

How do I use courtship to pattern my marriage?

Note 3 things to take home:

1. Whatever you negotiate is what you will navigate!

- without communication there will be no common ground!

2. Whatever you refuse to confront at the beginning, you cannot conquer as you journey!

- if you ignore NOW what you should rebuke; your LATER rebuke will be ignored!

3. Whatever you settle in foundational praying, will be settled in your family future!

Ps 127:1.... except The Lord build!

Important: Set out time to pray together!

What to do?

- pray together for clarity & direction.

- set a life pattern of discussing your life together.

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