Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We all find ourselves in storms from time to time. • Everyone here is on a journey. • Redeemed/sailing toward a place called Heaven. • Lost/sailing toward a place called Hell.

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

July 14, 2013

Mark 4:35-41

It’s about time for a storm!

Intro: Background

• This text finds Jesus/end/long/difficult day.

• Jesus had a confrontation with the Pharisees 3:22

• Appointed 12 Apostles

• Parable/Sower from the boat.

He used boat/pulpit from which He preached/multitudes that gathered to hear Him 4:1.

• Day ended, called His disciples into/boat/commanded them to set sail for the other side/lake.

• Nighttime found the disciples rowing across that little lake.

• While they guided the boat

• An exhausted Jesus lay fast asleep in the rear of the boat.

• The Lord was weary from the business of the day.

By the way, this passage clearly presents/humanity of the Lord.

• I praise the Lord that He understands our weakness.

• He is able to sympathize with us when we grow weary


The Lord’s disciples were accustomed to being on the Sea of Galilee at night, they fishermen after all.

• While they rowed for/other side

• Tremendous storm engulfed their boat.

• They found themselves/fight/their very lives.

• Storm of unusual power and intensity.

• It terrified/disciples/caused them/fear for their lives.

On that dark/terrifying night, they experienced the Lord’s power to deliver them from the /storm/threatened to kill them.

I would like us to join/Lord/His men/they face/storm/their lives.

• They found themselves/hopeless situation

• There seemed to be no escape

• It was so intense they feared for their lives.


We all find ourselves in storms from time to time.

• Everyone here is on a journey.

• Redeemed/sailing toward a place called Heaven.

• Lost/sailing toward a place called Hell.

As we sail, storms will arise and threaten our boats.

• Often, just like/disciples

• We come to believe/storms will destroy us.

• Not sent to destroy you, but to develop you.

• They may grind you at times/Lord use them to grow you.

I pray that God will use the truths from this passage to teach us that there is hope. Let’s explore these verses together today.


This Storm Was Unexpected

• Mark tells us “a furious squall came up.”

• Storms like this/very common/Sea of Galilee.

• The Sea of Galilee is a most unusual body of water.

Below sea level and is surrounded by mountains, it is susceptible to sudden storms.

• Winds sweeping across the land come up and over the mountains, creating downdrafts over the lake.

• Storms like this one did not usually occur at night.

• disciples did not set out in a storm

• they did not expect to encounter a storm

• But a storm came anyway!

• That’s life isn’t it?

It can be calm sailing one minute, and the next, you are fighting for your life!

• One minute/enjoying fair weather

• The next, you find yourself/middle/terrible/horrible storm.

One phone call, one twenty-four hour period of time, one doctor visit, one tick of the clock, and you are in the storm of your life.

• The Bible says that/storms will come our way John 16:33.

In fact, you are in one of three places today.

• In a storm--just coming out storm--headed into storm.

• Sudden storms are a part of our lives.

This Storm Was Unrelenting

The storm continued its assault on that little boat until Mark tells us “the boat nearly swamped”.

• Mark tells us that this was a “furious” squall.

• Words means, “Exceeding, loud, large, mighty.”

• Refers/storm of extraordinary fierceness.

• Disciples felt no stability, no safety, and no security.

• A violent storm/middle/night.

• They could not determine their proximity to the shore.

• They were in terrible danger, and they knew it.

• They awoke the sleeping Savior and they cried

• “Help us Lord! This storm is killing us!”


When our storms come, very often they are severe and they terrify us.

• They fill us with fear and worry.

• They blow in w/o warning and they increase in their intensity until it seems that they will never end.

The storms of sin arise.

• It rages within us and around us.

• When sin enters our hearts

• It always comes in as a pleasant, calm breeze.

• It promises us the best, but/soon displays/darker side.

It will rip through your life like a tornado leaving a trail of damage and destruction that can only be repaired by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and His forgiveness.

• Some are in that storm today!

• There is no storm on earth that Heaven cannot calm!

• No problem so great that Jesus cannot fix.

• Bring that storm to Him and watch Him deal with it!

This Storm Was Unusual - Where did this storm come from? It may have been natural, after all, the Sea of Galilee was susceptible to storms of this nature.

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